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Everybody… Meet Loki.

So, in recent months my mental health has rapidly deteriorated. There’s so much that’s weighing on my mind and it’s just slowly killing my spirit. I feel angry ALL the time. I’ve frequently had dark thoughts about self harm because I just, quite simply, can’t cope. It’s been torture and I can barely sleep. I contacted my GP and they’ve increased two of my antidepressants and have referred me on to a proper psychiatrist to discuss putting me back on my antipsychotics to level my moods and all that.

Last week (the 17th), was my birthday. And my little sister surprised me so so much… She bought me a companion. The most adorable little ginger kitten with blue eyes. He is GORGEOUS, and his name is Loki.

In the evenings he crawls into bed with me and either sleeps on my side (as shown in the pic - please excuse my fat belly), or next to my head on the pillow, where he’d gently lick/groom my forehead as I fall asleep. He’s such a quirky little guy, too. He always seems to sense when I’m upset, and he quietly climbs into my lap and rests his head on my belly, leg or chest. He’s just the cutest little guy.

Anyway… I just wanted to show him off, haha. I hope you’re all doing well and staying hydrated in this awful humidity and the heat. Yesterday it reached 30°C and there was no breeze or wind whatsoever. Every breath felt like it was going nowhere at all. It was awful. Anyway.. Have a great week!

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My Pup Give Me Life…

I have three dogs and four cats but there is just something about Nico (pictured below), that gives me life.

It must be his loyalty to me and how he never leaves my side. He brings me so much comfort and calm and I am so grateful for his love. When I’m feeling anxious or depressed he just knows and provides extra cuddles.

Now if only he could talk then we could be the bestest of friends! Lol

I hope everyone has a blessed Monday!

Big Love,
Weichy #MentalHealth #EmotionalSupportAnimals

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This is Sophie, who really loves her catnip pillow and stuffed bird! She is a great cuddle buddy!! #MightyPets #Cats #animaltherapy #EmotionalSupportAnimals


When/How do I disclose to a potential landlord that I have an ESA? #Depression #Anxiety #EmotionalSupportAnimals

So I have my official letter for an ESA and it has gotten me a couple of apartments with big management companies who are pretty familiar with the process. Now, I am trying to get a rental house from an individual person and it says "no pets allowed". I was not going to mention my dog until I have a signed lease, because I have had a lot of experience with disclosing my ESA and being told they just "chose another applicant". I also don't want to give a bad impression to my new landlord by being sneaky (even though the law says they can't deny me). Any advice?

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It’s the #littlethings

💚 One of my favorite things Cooper does is lay at my feet, and I can put my feet on him. He’s such a good boy 🥺💚

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This is my haven; these are my healers. #PTSD #Cats #Animals #EmotionalSupportAnimals #Introvert

No matter how many nightmares or flashbacks, these sweet kitties (and the warmth of my bedroom) make my whole world that much calmer.

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Pets are a blessing!

I have always wondered that keeping a pet, are humans doing animals a favor or are animals doing humans a favor by keeping them together. I realized after reading this: ezcareclinic.com/funny-mental-health-benefits-of-pet

Now I cannot think of going anywhere without my Coco!

#Pets #petlove #EmotionalSupportAnimal #EmotionalSupportAnimals #EmotionalSupportDog #Cats #Depression

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#Pets #MentalHealth #EmotionalSupportAnimals

Hey! Meet my baby Shihtzu. Just on the path to recovery. My baby had been suffering from severe pain and tremors.
I got him to the vet and my baby took his first session of cold laser therapy as per Vet's advice.
Have you ever tried it? mangoclinic.com/laser-therapy-for-dogs-updated-guide-overview

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Caught a gerbil pic!

I don't know how you tag specific people on here, but @painzombie & me were talking about how much we loved our rodents & how impossible it was to take pics of them. So my sister helped me take this pic of Neil!
#MightyPets #EmotionalSupportAnimals #DistractMe