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Loki does not appreciate it when I have a lay in…

My kitten, Loki, is a very demanding little sir. Yesterday, despite suffering with very bad sciatica, I went over to my sister’s for the afternoon and early evening for dinner. I spent the whole time chasing and tickling my nephew, playing with him and his new toys, etc.

So, naturally, I had to take extra painkillers last night to actually finally get to sleep at around 2am. Which meant I woke up quite late this morning (around 10am). When I rolled over and tugged open my curtains, Loki was just sat there, staring into my soul. It was eerie. 😂

The second I managed to sit upright he legged it over to his food bowls (he has one always full of biscuits and then a few times a day he has wet food). But the way he practically SCREAMS his meows at me, you’d think I hadn’t fed him in weeks. My Loki, the Drama King and God of Mischief. 😂 I’m so glad I have him, though. He seriously cheers me up on days where smiling feels impossible. He’s a good boy, really. He gives me lots of cuddles when I need them.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not (but it probably is), but since my lower back has been painful for the last couple of weeks, when he crawls under the covers with me in bed, he lays behind me, curled up at my lower back. The heat from his not-so-little body eases the spasms there. 🥰

#ChronicPain #sciatica #BackPain #TherapyPets #Kitten #Cat #Loki #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #Diabetes #InterstitialCystitis #Migraines #Jointpain #Animals #cute

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Everybody… Meet Loki.

So, in recent months my mental health has rapidly deteriorated. There’s so much that’s weighing on my mind and it’s just slowly killing my spirit. I feel angry ALL the time. I’ve frequently had dark thoughts about self harm because I just, quite simply, can’t cope. It’s been torture and I can barely sleep. I contacted my GP and they’ve increased two of my antidepressants and have referred me on to a proper psychiatrist to discuss putting me back on my antipsychotics to level my moods and all that.

Last week (the 17th), was my birthday. And my little sister surprised me so so much… She bought me a companion. The most adorable little ginger kitten with blue eyes. He is GORGEOUS, and his name is Loki.

In the evenings he crawls into bed with me and either sleeps on my side (as shown in the pic - please excuse my fat belly), or next to my head on the pillow, where he’d gently lick/groom my forehead as I fall asleep. He’s such a quirky little guy, too. He always seems to sense when I’m upset, and he quietly climbs into my lap and rests his head on my belly, leg or chest. He’s just the cutest little guy.

Anyway… I just wanted to show him off, haha. I hope you’re all doing well and staying hydrated in this awful humidity and the heat. Yesterday it reached 30°C and there was no breeze or wind whatsoever. Every breath felt like it was going nowhere at all. It was awful. Anyway.. Have a great week!

#chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #InterstitialCystitis #NAFLD #LiverDisease #Diabetes #Migraines #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #TherapyPets #Therapy #Stress #Kitten #EmotionalSupportAnimals

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Hello 👋

This is Gyro Pirate 🏴‍☠️ the Emotional Support Rescue #Kitten . He went on his first real short walk with me in his stroller, early this morning and it helped both of us, but I was glad he could finally get some fresh air and hear the birds outside and he loved it, since it reminded him of his nature videos and the birds he sees outside the windows all the time during the day. Also, his training is paying off because he told me when he was done with his walk and ready to get out and go home, I was so proud of him, and he was so relaxed the entire time.

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When you think you can't do it any more.

Remember my gorgeous girl, Tara Gethin? She suffered a #Seizure on Friday morning when she was on my knee. She's fine, but although she has seizures every two or three months or so, she doesn't have the #Seizures during the day; they usually happen when she's asleep. I remember when I saw her first one; I thought she was dying. Initially I thought she had a furball stuck in her throat so put my finger in her mouth ... Yeah, I ended up in A&E...
It turns out she's had the seizures since she was a #Kitten as I occasionally came downstairs to find her bed wet.
Aside from that, she's doing OK. She's still painfully thin but she's eating. Not the full amount I give her, admittedly, but she's eating. Had a bit of trouble giving her tablets (still do tbh) but I've split them so she's not getting four in the morning.
Back at the vets on Friday so please cross your fingers or toes, or pray to whichever God you follow.
Thank you 🙏 #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


Overwhelmed and never understood

On top of all the crazy things happening at once in my life, I was COMPLETELY shattered last night. My 8 month old #esa in training and seriously the MOST cuddly #Kitten I've EVER had in my 44 years, died. I've been going through therapy for multiple mental illness diagnoses on top of having Leukemia and I recently discovered I have cervical and ovarian cancers. (Not one that spread, they're separate.) I won't put ALL the things negative happening because even to me, it sounds unbelievable. My life currently sounds like one of those spoof scary movies. You know, part horror but also ridiculous and makes you laugh? I live with my youngest daughter and my sister's sister-in-law, who are both neuro-typical and haven't been understanding WHY I have been having a rough time since I started trauma therapy a few weeks ago. So I have been being told some really hurtful things lately (not by my daughter) and have been even more dependent on the comfort of my kitten. This tragedy feels like one I won't get over. The worst part is feeling judged ("it's just a cat") about my bond, therefore reaction to him dying, by the person who doesn't ever listen or try to understand. I've explained it so many times, what an ESA is, and is for. Also, it's even worse because the vet believes it was caused by her plant. She was trimming the toxic houseplant inside, dropped a piece, and left it. My kitty and hers played with it and hers is still here. We got them together since they were called together at the SPCA.

Has anyone lost an ESA? Besides notifying any therapist, psychiatrist, etc ... What helped you cope? ANY words are appreciated.

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Someone hurt my baby cat...

I have two amazing loving six month old kittens (I’ve had them since 6 weeks old) and they bring me so much joy and are wonderful companions.

However, the past two weeks have been hell. My boy kitten, Peggy the cat pictured (I was told he was a girl so Peggy was decided and I couldn’t adapt to a change and he wouldn’t respond to anything other than Peg/Peggy/Peg-a-leg haha!) was acting really out of character.
He was hiding, hissing, all lethargic, not eating etc... I took him to the vets and they decided he had a virus. After some ibrufen injections and I had to syringe water to him throughout the next few days, he seemed to recover.

But on Tuesday...I discovered he had a massive cut on his side. I rushed him to the vets again to discover he had actually been shot with an air rifle!! It had caused infection which is most likely what he was suffering from last week. The vet checked him over the last week and didn’t find the wound. He is fluffy/puffy but I don’t know how we didn’t notice.
Now he’s on 2 types on antibiotics..

My issue is I’m in such a bad bipolar depression and my kittens give me so much happiness, joy and love. Peg is such a loving and gentle boy and is so curious. He runs off down the garden and can’t wait to get outside, unlike his sister who prefers to follow me around the house.
The fact that some evil person can just hurt him like that. Wanting to hurt him. Scaring him, making him run inside at any loud noises, making him not explore as far. It breaks my heart to see it.

Why can’t people just be nice? People underestimate the power of animals and the individuals that they are. Emotional support animals are amazing, but now he is hurting too. Mental illness sucks, and it is painful, but this is so so painful. I’m trying to be positive and focus on the fact that he is ok and on the mend and didn’t die. He’s still loving towards me, snuggles all the time, only purrs for me... I just hate that someone tried to change him with violence ☹️ #Cat #Kitten #BipolarDisorder #EmotionalSupportAnimal #Depression