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My body is not a monster!!

I was listening to music today and a Raye Zaragoza song came on with a line that says “my body’s not a monster.” ~
It made me think about how I feel about my own body. My body is chronically sick and broken. It causes me a lot of trouble, a lot of pain, and it drastically limits the way I’m able to live my life. But that doesn’t mean I should see my body as a monster, as something that’s just here to harm me and make me miserable. I shouldn’t hate my body! I should not see it as my enemy, but often I do. ~
I have to change that thinking. Just like I have to look for and focus on the good in my life, or in my days, I must also remember the good about my body. It’s not all bad! I must be grateful for my body. I must recognize and be thankful for all the things it CAN do, for the parts of it that are healthier and DO work. Some of these parts are the reason I can do the things I love the most. They are the reason I can experience the good that is in my life.

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Seethegood #focusonthegood #MentalHealth #artastherapy

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Positive Thoughts

When you focus on the good, the good gets better. Sometimes, it's not about what you see but what you focus on.⁣ In the face of all the things that overwhelm us, it's essential to do what we can to put our attention squarely on the good in our lives. #beingtherapy #wellness #MentalHealth #torontotherapist #Ontario #Toronto #selfcare #Mindfulness #counselling #focusonthegood #betterlife #yourbestlife #Inspiration #Positivity #positivethoughts #Motivation

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Positive Thoughts

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts so think happy & positive. Life is full of surprises. Some are happy; some are not so much. But when you have happy thoughts, the day becomes brighter! Always find the good in what you do to ensure your thoughts are too!

#beingtherapy #wellness #MentalHealth #torontotherapist #Ontario #Toronto #selfcare #Mindfulness #counselling #focusonthegood #betterlife #yourbestlife #Inspiration #Positivity #positivethoughts #Motivation

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Worth Fighting For

I never knew what it meant to be wholly and unselfishly loved until I met my husband and I never knew what having a family was like until we created one. Even on my most trying of days when my children test all limits of my patience I am so incredibly grateful. I prayed for a life like this. But it can be so incredibly challenging to not let my past experiences of feelings of worthlessness and feeling unlovable trickle in and consume my happiness and this life and version of me I worked so hard for. The saying, “focus on the good” and “love conquers all” comes as reminders to remember how incredibly blessed I really am and just how much this life now was worth all the battle wounds. #unworthy #Unlovable #focusonthegood #Love #Family #Worthfightingfor #Blessed