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How to help a friend who is going through divorce and dealing with postpartum at the same time?

My friend who’s baby has only just turned 1, but she and her husband are going to separation (and divorce).
As her friend, I’m always on her side no matter what, of course.
She’s also told me that her postpartum is getting worse and she’s scared that she’s all alone.
So I said to her that she still has her baby and her parents. She aren’t all alone.
Also, that I’d be there for her no matter what and not to worry about bothering me. That she could let me know when she needs me for any help or anything. I even offered to help her with the baby. and I’d be there for her. I think my words cheered her up a little.
But, I’m just wondering what else is there I could say or do to help her. Any suggestions?
#PostpartumDepression #Friendsupport


How do I find support for my Bipolar disorder #BipolarDisorder #Friendsupport

I don't have any friends with my condition. I was hoping to find others to support. This will likely keep me from being too self absorbed. #balance #Gratitude #CerebralPalsy

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When things are too much to handle

It seems like my problems are piling up & it’s adding to my #Pain & my #Depression my #Fibro #Fibromyalgia has been #Flared . Combating #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain has been #hell . I have my #Catfamily to get through this but it’s still hard. I keep trying to #TakeItOneDayAtATime but each day that goes by the more I feel like I’m on #Autopilot just going along & not reacting, not really living but just trying to survive. My #Anxiety has been through the roof & I need to contact a therapist still but I don’t want to leave the house & I would have to travel into the city to see them & after the #CarAccident I get terrible anxiety & #PTSD & #PanicAttacks whenever I have to get into a car, & the longer I’m in a car now the worse it’s get to the point if #nausea & vomiting because of it. I talked to my primary care doctor & he said I could probably find a doctor who does therapy sessions over the phone but the first time I would see them I would probably have to go into the office. I’m a hermit now. I can’t stand to leave the house & it takes so many #spoons to go out anywhere plus the stress that the only time I do go out is all the doctors appointments which I also hate. I keep putting all this stuff off that I need to do because of all this & I know it’s not good but I just can’t stand leaving the house anymore. Going through #Divorce #SplittingUp my 9 year #Marriage & I have little #familysupport for all this & my #Friendsupport circle is very small in my personal life. I have a lot of online friends who have helped me a lot but having someone physically there to check in on you is different. I guess I should be happy anyone checks in on me but there are so many people that I used to think would never my life & they all did leave after the car wreck. It hurts to be abandoned when you need someone the most & that’s what happens to so many people with chronic illness. All the people you used to spend time with no longer have time for you. It’s like being #Disabled means that you don’t get to keep your friends. I’ve made a lot of new good friends since then who I love but there were all these people who I needed who were never there when I needed them most & for a long time I blamed myself but I realized recently that it’s not my fault they decided my illness was too much for them. That’s on them not me: I just wanted to write to check in & now I’m on a depression rant. I’m here taking it one day at a time: sometimes with everything piling up I just want to give up. I haven’t given up though...yet. I deserve love I deserve peace I deserve happiness.

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