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Whole family depressed

My entire household suffers with some sort of depression- my son (20) and I have bipolar type 2, my husband suffers from clinically depression, and my daughter (18) has PTSD. We each have our own med dr and therapist. At times, it is darkly humorous (if one of us is out of meds, we can borrow from another who takes the same meds, and we can speak with authority when friends ask about the mental health system).
Most of the time, it is like walking through a dimly lit room, afraid of running into a piece of furniture or something. You can never be sure what you'll encounter. I can't remember when all four of us were "up" at the same time (I tease that if we were, it would cause such a bright light, the neighborhood would think it was a solar flare). It is usually 1 or 2 if us struggling to cope at any given moment.
For the past couple of months, it has been worse (2020 description, anyone?). It is usually 2-3 of us, with one of us carrying the load. Since Christmas, it is all four of us. Nothing is being maintained at home, meals are a rarity, and good hygiene is considered an accomplishment.
Is there anyone else in this situation? I've searched, but all I've found are threads/information on helping a family member. I need help with family memberS, if not the whole household. #familydepression #familysupport #depressedfamily


Grocery shopping #CheerMeOn #Selfcompassion

I went food shopping with my sister and was able to ask to switch grocery carts because mine was getting to heavy for me to push it. I’m extremely tired and in pain but I did it. Im very thankful for my family and the support I am receiving. #familysupport #invisibleilness #Immyownbestadvocte

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When things are too much to handle

It seems like my problems are piling up & it’s adding to my #Pain & my #Depression my #Fibro #Fibromyalgia has been #Flared . Combating #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain has been #hell . I have my #Catfamily to get through this but it’s still hard. I keep trying to #TakeItOneDayAtATime but each day that goes by the more I feel like I’m on #Autopilot just going along & not reacting, not really living but just trying to survive. My #Anxiety has been through the roof & I need to contact a therapist still but I don’t want to leave the house & I would have to travel into the city to see them & after the #CarAccident I get terrible anxiety & #PTSD & #PanicAttacks whenever I have to get into a car, & the longer I’m in a car now the worse it’s get to the point if #nausea & vomiting because of it. I talked to my primary care doctor & he said I could probably find a doctor who does therapy sessions over the phone but the first time I would see them I would probably have to go into the office. I’m a hermit now. I can’t stand to leave the house & it takes so many #spoons to go out anywhere plus the stress that the only time I do go out is all the doctors appointments which I also hate. I keep putting all this stuff off that I need to do because of all this & I know it’s not good but I just can’t stand leaving the house anymore. Going through #Divorce #SplittingUp my 9 year #Marriage & I have little #familysupport for all this & my #Friendsupport circle is very small in my personal life. I have a lot of online friends who have helped me a lot but having someone physically there to check in on you is different. I guess I should be happy anyone checks in on me but there are so many people that I used to think would never my life & they all did leave after the car wreck. It hurts to be abandoned when you need someone the most & that’s what happens to so many people with chronic illness. All the people you used to spend time with no longer have time for you. It’s like being #Disabled means that you don’t get to keep your friends. I’ve made a lot of new good friends since then who I love but there were all these people who I needed who were never there when I needed them most & for a long time I blamed myself but I realized recently that it’s not my fault they decided my illness was too much for them. That’s on them not me: I just wanted to write to check in & now I’m on a depression rant. I’m here taking it one day at a time: sometimes with everything piling up I just want to give up. I haven’t given up though...yet. I deserve love I deserve peace I deserve happiness.

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Gratitude for Wed 9th Jan 2019

#52SmallThings #familysupport #movingforward
I am grateful for my family, who have busted their asses the past couple weekends to get Avo Mae's (my grandma's) house ready for me to move into on Sunday.
I am grateful for Avo Mae letting me rent her house from her in the first place.
I am grateful for my boyfriend and my best friend for helping to keep me calm and focused over the past 3 stressful weeks.