Twas on the eve a day past Labor
She bid a permanent adieu,
As summer ebbed to autumn's glow
Her next season began anew.

A battle zone right from the start
Embarked the day her mother bore,
This quiet, shy and timid girl
Whose heart the world broke to its core.

Through years of hurt, abuse, neglect
Watched safety climax in dead ends,
Yet knew not of the only One
Whose grace would soon be her best friend.

Instead found solace in the likes
Of pills, booze, money, drugs and sex,
These multiplied trauma ten-fold
Until her only thought was death.

Evil of which free will had shown
Weighted this heart heavy with pain,
Shame filtered through the devil's voice
A crux of self-blame swathed in chains.

And then one night she did attempt
Cause hope was nowhere in plain sight,
Grief, anger, guilt topped off a soul
Far too distraught to stay and fight.

Yet freedom found was not in death
But in the life He would rebirth,
By virtue of a spirit sent
Was finally found her Godly worth.

A story shared, not unlike hers
Held but one difference….and the key,
Of whom she coined an earth angel
Not long before, God set him free.

He utilized thorns of this man
To guide His little girl back home,
Free will this time, a choice for good
Now glorifies our Father's throne.

By: Debra Brent

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