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    Any idea who wrote this poem?

    I came across this poem from a tweet and can’t seem to find the source. The Twitter user found it via Pinterest. Whose this mystery poet? #TheMighty #poet

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    Self-created guardian

    While in hospital for my mental health, I was taken off of certain medications to be put on new medication. And during this difficult time I started to write poetry. With ADHD I sometimes struggle to put thoughts together in a way that makes sense.. with creative writing I really learned to express how I feel about my situation.

    So I wrote a poem about our inner self-created guardians, the inner children that we have inside us that still tries to protect us from harm even when we no longer need them. Whether we have this guardian because of abuse of any kind, I wrote this piece so that people could relate to having that inner voice that can sometimes be guilt creating, harmful and overwhelming.

    So while off my meds this is how I strung my thoughts together in hopes that I might find someone who can relate.

    The poem’s name is

    Self-created Guardian:

    Sometimes I'm overcome by a shadow and marked unsafe by feelings of madness,guilt,badness...sadness

    That my own mind runs wild searching for peace, my
    thoughts making me fight with a "ME" that I have
    created out of necessity..

    Now that very creation bothers me not only now and then but incessantly...

    Trying to find a purpose for existing in a world it was not meant for...

    Trying to hold onto the woman that doesn't need her anymore..

    How does one create space in one's mind for a self-created guardian? And still exist as one's own protector? One that I have always been? And never even knew...

    How then do I become truly "ME" without letting go of you? - a poem by Camron Botha

    #MentalHealth #Poetry #creativewriting #Abuse #Survivor #EmotionalAbuse #ADHD #relate #Advocacy #MentalIllness #Love #struggle #medications #poet #Loveothers #wearefamily #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder


    They Speak Through Me

    Can you hear them?

    Because they speak through me

    Their words hurt

    Causing physical pain

    Mental pain

    They speak through me

    I can’t tell you

    The words that they use

    Wielded against me

    I shout

    I scream

    I hold my head

    Trying to keep them in

    Because if I let them out

    Will I frighten you?

    Their words speak through me

    Don’t be scared

    They whisper

    We can end this

    #poet #Poetry #Psychosis


    I Wish... ...... #MightyPoets

    I wish you would please listen
    To these words I have to say,
    Don't search for a response
    Just sit and listen anyway.

    Try not to take my voice
    And find in it a place to blame,
    Or seek of a rebuttal
    To make it about you again.

    I wish that just this once
    You'd clear out all your other thoughts,
    Make room to hear my pain
    Find out the reasons I feel lost.

    These words aren't meant to hurt
    But give instead a sense of why,
    Each time in which we talk
    Tears damn near flood into my eyes.

    I wish there wasn't fear
    Milling in droves within my heart,
    Afraid when I do speak
    You'll forget words right from the start.

    Then I'll have to repeat
    Oftentimes twice or many more,
    My voice soon tends to fade
    Slapped in the face by your slammed door.

    I wish you didn't know
    About so many others' lives,
    Or of their intimate details
    Which cut through me like burning knives.

    Cause when you're asked about
    Details in which pertain to me,
    You say that you don't know
    Then yet again I feel unseen.

    This final wish I pray
    Would be a gift priceless from thee,
    Not built of dollar signs
    It'd be your gift of listening.

    By: Debra Brent

    #iwish #poet #Poetry #MentalHealthAwareness #Depression #ChronicDepression #Trauma #Childhoodtrauma #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #CPTSD #Anxiety #SuicidalThoughts #unhealedtrauma #EmotionalNeglect #abandonment #invisible #Fear #Selfcare #Introvert #Grief #Healing #hurt #ImListening


    Poetic Testimonial ..... #MightyPoets

    Twas on the eve a day past Labor
    She bid a permanent adieu,
    As summer ebbed to autumn's glow
    Her next season began anew.

    A battle zone right from the start
    Embarked the day her mother bore,
    This quiet, shy and timid girl
    Whose heart the world broke to its core.

    Through years of hurt, abuse, neglect
    Watched safety climax in dead ends,
    Yet knew not of the only One
    Whose grace would soon be her best friend.

    Instead found solace in the likes
    Of pills, booze, money, drugs and sex,
    These multiplied trauma ten-fold
    Until her only thought was death.

    Evil of which free will had shown
    Weighted this heart heavy with pain,
    Shame filtered through the devil's voice
    A crux of self-blame swathed in chains.

    And then one night she did attempt
    Cause hope was nowhere in plain sight,
    Grief, anger, guilt topped off a soul
    Far too distraught to stay and fight.

    Yet freedom found was not in death
    But in the life He would rebirth,
    By virtue of a spirit sent
    Was finally found her Godly worth.

    A story shared, not unlike hers
    Held but one difference….and the key,
    Of whom she coined an earth angel
    Not long before, God set him free.

    He utilized thorns of this man
    To guide His little girl back home,
    Free will this time, a choice for good
    Now glorifies our Father's throne.

    By: Debra Brent

    #Poetry #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Healing #poet #purposeinthepain #personalitydisorder #mentalheath #struggling #artfromtheheart #youarenotalone #SuicideAwareness #BPD #EUPD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Shame #Guilt #Grief #Addiction #Trauma #godsgotyou #Faith #testimonial


    There will be days #MentalHealth

    there will be days
    where you want to die
    there will be days
    you say you give up
    there will be days
    where all you do is lay around
    there will be days
    when you need to be alone
    there will be days
    when you aren't yourself

    There are days
    when you love life!
    there are days
    you will accomplish more than you imagined.
    there are days
    you hang and laugh with family/friends
    there are days
    when you are yourself!

    no matter what day it is.what your going through. everyday is different. its okay to feel your emotions. take the day as it comes.
    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #poet #Poetry #writer #Hope #loveyourself


    The right people

    people will show true colors.
    When they lost interest in you.
    Or your too much
    The right people will want you in there lives.
    The right people will never ghost.
    Never abandon you.
    You can grow together.
    Be selfish but dont involve me in your life.
    If your gonna ghost or abandon me.
    You can work on yourself and grow with others as support along your journey.
    Done with people ghosting or abandoning people in this world.
    Life is hard.
    We all struggle.
    Your not the only one.
    There is hope for tommrow
    With the right people at your side.

    #poet #Poetry #Positivity #imhereforyou #WritingThroughIt #Write #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #mentalhealthmatters

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    Blooming into a flower

    Blooming into a flower.
    Is a painful process.
    Many will pick your blossoming flower.
    Some may nurture you.
    Others may stomp on your petals.
    Crushing you beneath them.
    Don't worry little one.
    You'll bloom again.
    More vibrant,
    Budding everywhere
    Soon there will be to much of you.
    That nobody can destroy you.

    One day you'll bloom.
    Give yourself time.

    (Sample book cover hopefully soon)

    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #Positivity #positive #poet #Poetry #writer #Selfcare #Selflove