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Should I Trust My Thoughts? #Selfblame #Selftalk #insecurity

I just shared how a former colleague proofread my professional resume. My inability to see my talents makes resume writing a challenge.

To my surprise, the returned edited resume was so overwhelming! My former co-worker, who has worked alongside of me during my good days and bad days, described my talents in such a positive way, sadly, I fail to see this version of myself.😞

Based on this recent experience, I must now ask myself, should I trust my assessment of myself?

Sadly, my self talk is negative. My self confidence lens is severely scratched from years of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. #CPTSD dictates my thoughts, well into my adulthood. And most of all, those thoughts do NOT reflect the words my professional former co-worker described.😁

Realize this, our friends and colleagues might not see the negatives our minds convince us are paramount aspects of ourselves.❤️

#TheMighty #Bekind to #yourself

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It is #productive as fuck to take care of #yourself .

So yesterday I picked out some new lipstick. I love lipstick colors, but have issues keeping it on or looking nice or just can’t pull off the colors, so I usually resist. I’m glad I took the chance and digging the dark spooky lips ✌🏻
#motd #ChronicIllness #CerebralPalsy #Arthritis #lularoe #youvegotthis #enjoythelittlethings #enjoythejourney #makeup #darklipstick #babewithamobilityaid #selfietime #MentalHealth #PTSD #Depression #SocialAnxiety one day at a time •

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Yes until you get hurt...

Is it a beautiful thing? Yes, for sure it is. Does it feel comfortable? Yes. Does it feel like finally someone is understanding you and willing to listen to you? Yes. Does it feel like you’re safe and secure? Yes. Does it feel like you wish if this moment could stay forever? Yes, yes, and yes.
Until you get hurt. Then all of a sudden they stop putting effort as much as they did the first time which made you that comfortable to jump into the next level. They stop appreciating all of what you’ve told them. Instead, they start avoiding you, and if you really want to call it the real name it’s “ignoring you”. Why? Because you opened up, you showed them the true colors, you showed them your real self and life.
Is it your fault? No, 100% no. Because you were taught and grown into loving and putting 100% into something that would give you a comfortable feeling. Because for the time you lived, you didn’t find anyone who is willing to listen to all of the things that you were afraid to say out loud.
#comfortzone #comfortable #Openingup #deepemotions #Emotion #yourself #effort #caring #hurt