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Labels #Labels #Depression #trama #idenity #Society #Pain

I created this video as a way to heal and spread awareness. We are not our thoughts or beliefs, who we are is a deep presences that can't be understood by the mind but can be felt with the heart. #Selflove #selfcare #Meditation #Awarness #freedom #Identification #Ego #soul

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Found awesome book of great poetry #Hope #Healing

Birds on a Wire, Words on Fire is a small collection of poems by J.J. Salazar. Overall, it tells a story of inspirational, penetrating, personal migration. It speaks honesty, shows vulnerability, expresses identification and validation to the realness of so many agonies and fears we all live with on a daily basis. The pain of self, not belonging, inability to let love in and out. The pain of this world. Salazar’s inspirational words develop small wings of faith, aspiration, desire, and belief that there is always light and hope to be found. If one is willing to leave their comfort zone, take some chances—and slowly grow wings. With these wings—one can earn the power and the strength to go out (or inward) to find what one truly wants and needs the very most in order to grow, heal, recover, forgive, and fly.
The books layout is brilliantly unique. Her use of paragraph placement and white space distinguishes many of her poems and represents visually where they are coming from. She also uses many acute, fragmented, slices and bits of lines that perfectly mimic the way our minds work internally. So at times, it may seem a little unprecedented and idiosyncratic--I found it very effective, distinctive and purposeful.
J.J. Salazar is a young, deeply passionate individual who has clearly dealt with trauma and tragedy in her own life. She has used her words and writing as a way to recognize, face, fight and find the light, love and hope that still exists somewhere deep inside of every one of us—we just need to remember how to fly. #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD #OCD #Hope #help #Healing #Recovery #Reading #Poetry #Art #Identification