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Getting through PTSD & Trauma #PTSD #trama #ChildAbuse #forgive

I am working with a therapist for this but I was wondering if there is anything that you all use to help you get through these horrible memories and leave them in the past. I have been doing EMDR with her and that does help some. I am just trying to get to leave the past in the past so I can enjoy my future

#PTSD #trama #ChildAbuse #forgive

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Would you talk your truma ? #PTSD #Depression #ChronicPain #trama

Hello 👋 I use to practice talk about it therapy with my mom she would listen to me not sure if it was because she wanted to or cause she could not actually get away due to her bad knee . Either way she would listen . She passed away January of 2021 so I have not had anyone to practice this with ,
I got a question for you all and that is would you look for someone to talk to or share this with just because you feel it will help ease your mind ? Or would you wait until you make a friend whom you fell you can share it with ? This has to do with an issue that 3 different Doctors told me was trama and because of that I think that maybe I shouldn’t just blurt it out but find a person I trusted as much as my mom . An then there’s the fact that she caused me to have ptsd and depression so idk why I even trusted her . So what you think how do I know it’s safe to practice this again ?


Sorry for all the spelling mistakes pt 1/2 #Anxiety #trama #Depression

Overall, the day started pretty good, I was on top of my game, straightened my hair, did my makeup, got dressed, talked to my bf and was there for him for a while. Then lunch happened, it started off good, he told me how it feels like we’ve been together longer then a year, 8 months, and 8 days. Then it went down hill, I dont really understand what happened to be honest. But me being me, I found a way to mess up the day. I started an argument essential with the love of my life and wasnt there for him anymore. I went to class and wanted to throw up and cry. I did fingerprinting but I was so shaky icouldnt even focus on what the teacher was saying, I just wantedto cry. Then his voice sounded good, but it didnt seem genuine. Then we got in what didnt feel like argument but did at the same time, it was inbetween.But his voice got more frusterated, I understand why.I dont communicate well, I shut everything bad out because to be honest, its easier that way, or at least thats what ive had drilled in my head for the last around 13 years of my life.

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So many questions and no answers

Is it possible to have memories of trama that never happened? Almost 40 years I have vivid memories of being sexually abused by my brother. I went to my mom and she told me to “shut up and quit making up stories.

Here I am 40 years later, questioning my memories of the trama I sustained. I have one main question, is it true or false? #trama #Abuse

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Would anyone be interested if I started a community group for parents of children/teens who have been sexually assaulted/molested?

#PTSD . #MomGuilt #Anxiety #trama #insomnia
last year I found out my daughters were molested by my step son at the time. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me as a parent. I have been incredibly lucky to have support from therapists, friends and family. One of the things I’ve learned is, this sort of thing is more common than I thought and it’s not being talked about enough. Of course it’s more often swept under the rug as a families “dirty secret”. That is what brings me to post this. As I said I’ve been extremely fortunate and I feel that there’s a need for a community group for parents and or caregivers of these children who have been sexually abused. We as parents need support to be able to help our children. I suffer from guilt about it happening to my daughters still!! I know there was nothing I could have done to stop or prevent it from happening, but I still feel that guilt. There’s so much more I have to say and want to talk about and I know there are more of us out there that need this type of support. Would anyone be interested if I started a community group for parents of children/teens who have been sexually assaulted/molested?

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5 years ago #PTSD #trama

Well its been a few days since the anniversary of my accident, the accident that claimed only one thing.... my sanity. 5 years of flashback, guilt, pain, sadness.
5 years of laying in bed wondering if there is really somone looking out for me, 5 years of wondering how i drove across 10 lanes of traffic and missed every single person on the road tht day, 5 years of telling myself that its my fault and i should of stayed home thats day, 5 years from the day that i should of died. The only reason why i am here today is because it was a holiday. I hold the guilt more then i should. I caught my father having an affair i could see the pain in my mothers eyes because i knew she knew what was going on but refused to let go because of us kids... maybe i went to work that day tired knowing damn well that i should not be on the road that morning because i needed to get away i ws deep down hoping that something would happen to me... 5 years ago i should be dead and i feel guilty.

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Am I wrong or alone for doing this ? #Nsfw

I am troubled by what I do to feel better sometimes I don’t know if this is okay to post if not please report and have it removed.
I like masterbate sometimes I don’t for a month or so then I do for a few days up to a week straight and more the once a day , I’m ashamed that I do this but yet when I feel like it I don’t seem to care of remember the guilt or shame I feel afterwards . I’m in my forty’s which makes me fell even worse I have had sex with an actual person but this was as a teen till till like twenty after that I had one encounter and have been solo with it since I think my mental illnesses have a lot to do with this .
I do got to ask is this commen ? What’s your opinion an what’s a good way to find someone to share this with ? #Nsfw #deppression #ChronicPain #PTSD #trama #MentalIllness


What would you do if fear was not a factor and you could not fail?

If fear was not a factor and I could not fail, I would speak up about my Rape. Be strong and no longer fear my rapist. I would lock him up so he could no longer do the horrible things he did to me to anyone else. #speakup #Rape #IHaveAVoiceToo #trama #Deafness


Labels #Labels #Depression #trama #idenity #Society #Pain

I created this video as a way to heal and spread awareness. We are not our thoughts or beliefs, who we are is a deep presences that can't be understood by the mind but can be felt with the heart. #Selflove #selfcare #Meditation #Awarness #freedom #Identification #Ego #soul


How is her health my trauma? Is that even okay?

Yesterday I sat outside for a while and was chilling thinking and reflecting on the past. I realized something I had experienced was very traumatic and I didn’t think of it like that. This is an ongoing situation but I am not physically the hurt one in this situation my other half is . I guess what I’m getting at is how can I have feelings about her health situation when I’m not the one harmed #Anxiety #Depression #trama #PTSD