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#Suicide and #silence : #MightyTogether We Can Save A Life

Following this group’s leader’s “Elephant in the Room” first topic, let’s discuss suicide…as a preventive approach to the act of ending one’s life.

Two deadly enemies: suicide and silence. When discussing suicide openly it then becomes exposed. However, when it remains hidden, it festers.

Silence fuels suicide.

And those of us, like myself, who suffer with suicidal ideation (thoughts) tend to fuel this way of thinking by dismissing the logic of sharing our pain with others because it is easier to convince ourselves that we will only bother them if we call, especially during a suicidal ideation attack.

The act of silencing ourselves and the act of not openly and publicly discussing suicidal thoughts thus fuels that dark way of thinking. But exposure to this (now) common issue—that MANY people are experiencing—allows us to freely express ourselves, in person, virtually, or on social media writing platforms.

Basically, how about if we vastly expose the reality of suicidal ideation so that those of us who suffer with these thoughts can freely say, “Hey, I am struggling with thoughts of ending my life” without any hesitation. Swiftly exposing those thoughts allow us to release the weight of those dark thoughts that govern our minds in the midst of the suicidal thought’s storm.

Honestly, which is easier to do: respond to the vulnerable suicidal ideation person who exposes their dark thoughts before the act, or posting an emoji on a Facebook post that informs the world that our friend took their life?

Let’s #Talk about #Suicide and that #MentalHealth issue so that our conversations become the preventative vaccination for the act of suicide. Too many people are giving in to this disease of the mind:

An estimated 703 000 people die by suicide worldwide each year. Over one in every 100 deaths (1.3%) in 2019 was the result of suicide. The global suicide rate is over twice as high among men than women
( › WSPD
Global Suicide Statistics - IASP; 3.19.2024; 10:15PM (EDT)).

Let’s curb this grim statistic! I believe we can.

Let’s #Talk #Life , #TheMighty #Family , and make it common to discuss suicide, instead of wishing we only knew our friend or family member was silently struggling with ending their life.

#Depression #SuicidalIdeation #MentalHealth

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finding strength in my peace and silence

I'm doing better thanks to the peace I can find within. It's been two weeks I've been able to carry on like this and I feel blessed.

#peace #BPD #SocialAnxiety #Anxiety #native #silence #strength

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In the silence of my tears #tears #silence #time #CPTSD #seeme #SuicideSurvivor #invisible #supportsurvivor

In the Silence Of My Tears
Sometimes when I lay in the midst of the night
I can see the darkest corners of my jagged mind
All the memories from demons past and present
come flooding over me
Nights turn to days … and … days turn to nights
As I lay in the silent embers of my burning tears
He lays next to me, Still I am alone,
in the midst of the night as I silently cry
Why must these demons haunt me eternally,
why am I alone in my tears
If all time is eternally present, how can I escape my demons past
How can I reach my future without maddening frustration,
without silent tears
With time past always in my presence
How can I escape the cold darkness of the aloneness
My sadness deepens with each tear that falls on deaf ears
Still he hears me not, in the stillness of the silence
My past and present collide into one
never ending nightmare of isolation
Is this my destiny
Sometimes when I lay in the midst of the night
I can see the darkest corners of my jagged mind
I scream out in silence through my tear stained face
See me, hear me, I am not invisible
As I lay in the silence of my tears
Wildfire 9/19/20

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The power of silence

I sees grows with no sound but a tree falls with huge noise. Distraction has noise, Creation is quiet. This is the power of silence
#Quotes #silence #solacewithinsilence

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Make a wish💫

Positive energy ✨.

My favorite things to look at can be found in nature. Flowers are my favorite. Delicate beauty. Does anyone have a safe place? If I had the chance, I’d build my own secret garden with a quiet stream. A hammock, the sound of the breaze, birds and water engulfing me in a safe and happy cacoon. Sigh… if only. 🌺🌸🌼🌻🌷🌹☀️🌈😴 #SafeSpace #safeplace #solitude #peace #silence #recoup #Life


I am a #Survivor of #Child #Abuse and #neglect

I have just been Interviewed for the Ms. Texas Show on YouTube for January which was #HumanTrafficking Awareness Month. Please watch my video and share wherever with whoever you can. THANKS 💜 #freedom from #silence 🦋