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I knew it!! #LaughOutLoudAid #smile

Alright, now we know what they're all doing in the woods. Lolz hope this made someone smile or a good chuckle. Keep your chin up and just keep swimming 💖

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Finding Joy

Have you ever just searched the internet and looked for something that can make you smile? I am finding it more difficult these days with all the painful actions taking place.

Like many of you, I am sad about the war in Ukraine. I am also sad about the natural disasters that have occured in the USA and the risk for more things occurring in the Central part of the country with it being tornado season. Life is scary!

I am looking for #Happiness and looking for #Comedy . Sometimes we have to seek things on purpose in order for us to experience #Joy .

Lately, I have had a flair up of my bipolar symptoms, and I have not been able to concentrate. However, positive distractions have #helped me to #feelbetter . #BipolarDisorder really sucks sometimes. But the coupling of BP with other issues like #Anxiety are even more struggling. But, I am going to do whatever I can to keep a smile and find #RoomForJoy .

I hope you enjoy the cat genie meme!


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A truly useful pain scale!

Seriously though, how can medical “professionals” ask me to pick a number and grunt like a Neanderthal while keeping a straight face? Is it how many bloodlettings I think I need? Last time Zeus ignored the fried chicken, should we try a different specialist? Should I have brought a rotisserie chicken? What’s the number that avoids a full lobotomy and cattle prods, but might actually help? Should I have just stayed at home and rubbed more mercury on it? Which pain? I have plenty for you to choose. I used to think the stone ages rocked, and the ice age was cool, until I was stuck there with your medical “science” inanities. Fine, irradiate it already, sounds super - just don’t go to gamma rays they make me want to smash stuff, and I already take Prednisone.

#Laugh #LaughOutLoudAid #LaughingAtMyNightmare #DistractMe #ChronicPain

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Hay guys, hope this gives you a little #LaughOutLoudAid

Just want to say a big warm welcome to all our new members, this group has grown so fast!!
For those who start the week on Sundays, have a good new week!
For those who start the week on Mondays, only one more day to go, be strong and brave but know you can always come here for support 😊