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My cat watching #Youtube

I usually put "Cat TV" on for her when I'm busy but I was watching "Dry Bar" comedians and noticed she was watching it too! #laughter #ASmileAsBigAsTheMoon

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Finding Joy

Have you ever just searched the internet and looked for something that can make you smile? I am finding it more difficult these days with all the painful actions taking place.

Like many of you, I am sad about the war in Ukraine. I am also sad about the natural disasters that have occured in the USA and the risk for more things occurring in the Central part of the country with it being tornado season. Life is scary!

I am looking for #Happiness and looking for #Comedy . Sometimes we have to seek things on purpose in order for us to experience #Joy .

Lately, I have had a flair up of my bipolar symptoms, and I have not been able to concentrate. However, positive distractions have #helped me to #feelbetter . #BipolarDisorder really sucks sometimes. But the coupling of BP with other issues like #Anxiety are even more struggling. But, I am going to do whatever I can to keep a smile and find #RoomForJoy .

I hope you enjoy the cat genie meme!


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Life Isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's about...

This little meme was in a coffee shop at the beach I live at ,& it's something that I really need to learn and maybe you guys could too , love & light ♡ #mentalhealthmatters #ASmileAsBigAsTheMoon #myworldmatters #PTSD #Depression #MentalHealthAwareness #Anziety #TLC #keepcalmandcarryonregardless



I have gone through some pretty hard things this year.And i know that i am not alone on this.I just wanted to say that even though you might have disabilities you are still beautiful.I know that everyone in the world is going to go through something hard in their life and weather or not they have depression and anxiety it will still be hard for them.I know some really good people that are going through a tough time right now and they dont have depression or anxiety it is still hard for them.I hope everyone in the world knows that they are loved and that there is somebody out there in the world waiting for you to love them.And until then you have a whole community here to love you!!!