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Thank goodness its bed time ..... #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #Depression #Selfcare

So after being absolutely demented being on bed rest I thought il just go over myself and get kids from school !!BAD MOVE!!! I knew I was really sore and struggling and still been retaining!then as I leaned over and opened gate to come in I felt the instant pain !I'd had my catheter and tube tied and clipped onto strap on my leg and forgot I couldn't bend really and tried it and it pulled the catheter right out !!so as you can imagine I was screaming !!had to then wait 6 hours for district nurse to come out and put new catheter in ,and plus the fact I was retaining a further 6 hours my bladder was full and putting pressure on my back which caused so much pain !!then once nurses came it took them 3 times to attempt and eventually get one back in and fixed properly so right now I think I'll keep my bright ideas of thinking I can go walks to a bare minimum 😂😂😂🙈🙈

Honestly my neighbours must have been like what is going on ,me there with my crutches ,opening gate then screaming and waddling into the house !!! So glad it's bed time now & let's hope for a better day tomorrow 🙈😂if I don't laugh right now I think I'd be crying permanently.

#MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #Depression #InterstitialCystitis #BladderIncontinence #Catheter #loveyourself #Selfcare #PTSD #Positivity #wellness #Bekind #LaughingAtMyNightmare #AloneTogether

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A truly useful pain scale!

Seriously though, how can medical “professionals” ask me to pick a number and grunt like a Neanderthal while keeping a straight face? Is it how many bloodlettings I think I need? Last time Zeus ignored the fried chicken, should we try a different specialist? Should I have brought a rotisserie chicken? What’s the number that avoids a full lobotomy and cattle prods, but might actually help? Should I have just stayed at home and rubbed more mercury on it? Which pain? I have plenty for you to choose. I used to think the stone ages rocked, and the ice age was cool, until I was stuck there with your medical “science” inanities. Fine, irradiate it already, sounds super - just don’t go to gamma rays they make me want to smash stuff, and I already take Prednisone.

#Laugh #LaughOutLoudAid #LaughingAtMyNightmare #DistractMe #ChronicPain

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Relating hard!

The energy that goes into that self sabotage stuff is understated!
Btw, that is an actual artwork at one of my clients home 😃😃😃 ##Meme ##Memes ##Memes ##tired ##home ##Art ##funny #Laugh #LaughingAtMyNightmare #selfsabotage #Energy

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My Depression is Hilarious!

My Depression is hilarious
I know you think I’m mad
But really its quite the running joke
this thing that makes me feel bad

What else could make me cry for nothing
for twenty minutes in the shower
or thinking I’m better off dead
when my car battery loses power

What else would keep me in bed
till way past noon when free
eating whatever’s in arms reach
my body latched like roots of a tree

Oh but wait! I forgot Anxiety
That’s depression being funny again
god what it does to me

Nothing else makes me hide my food
or keeps me up till 5 in the morning
it really is quite hysterical
hang on a second I’m yawning!

Honestly we have such a blast
these mental illnesses and I
gosh we laugh so much if we do anymore
then I’ll probably break down and cry

because nothings more hilarious
than not knowing my way round my own head
or overthinking every situation
god i wish i was dead

So you see! My depression is hilarious
My anxiety’s an absolute clown
Cos my friends there’s a circus in my head
and its so close to burning down!

#Depression #Anxiety #MightyPoets #funny #LaughingAtMyNightmare #sad #sleepless