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I’m the victim!

My childhood memories are sad and painful. Barely had moments of joy. I always was tense because I had to behave all week at school. The weekend was not fun either. There were chours on Saturday barely any fun unless with church outings. Ahhh! Sunday I had to be even more well behaved,as my mom’s child I had to be perfect. I realize mom is a narcissist. Now she is old and no longer has a magnetic strong hold on me. I married to a abusive man. Psychology abusive and verbally abusive and a hand full of times psysactly abuse me. It took a lot of time to heal. Yet I cannot talk to my therapist about my childhood trauma because she wants me to be present.

You have friends and partners that you can’t share your experiences. They quickly become overwhelmed. I call it overstimulated by the stories of your life. There’s always the rebuttal of your partner stating that it was the past. Or why you have to bring that up? Your inner child cries when witnesses similar stories in others. In a movie or show or a book. Yet no one wants to hear your story. I have to forgive,forget,move forward. Overcome,endure,survive. But never acknowledge nor cry your the victim.
But I am the victim! Why do people get mad when someone says they been victimized over others actions? There’s the saying “you allowed someone to hurt you “ I was a child! Doesn’t that count for something? No,survive,overcome and move on. Like if the scares and you’re whole character is built around the traumas affect. Not fair! When an animal gets hurt no one blames the animal. No matter how old that animal are. You have to allow at one time in your life mourn for the death of your innocent childhood. In order to heal. #Livingwithdepression #Caregivers #ChildLoss

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Finding Joy

Have you ever just searched the internet and looked for something that can make you smile? I am finding it more difficult these days with all the painful actions taking place.

Like many of you, I am sad about the war in Ukraine. I am also sad about the natural disasters that have occured in the USA and the risk for more things occurring in the Central part of the country with it being tornado season. Life is scary!

I am looking for #Happiness and looking for #Comedy . Sometimes we have to seek things on purpose in order for us to experience #Joy .

Lately, I have had a flair up of my bipolar symptoms, and I have not been able to concentrate. However, positive distractions have #helped me to #feelbetter . #BipolarDisorder really sucks sometimes. But the coupling of BP with other issues like #Anxiety are even more struggling. But, I am going to do whatever I can to keep a smile and find #RoomForJoy .

I hope you enjoy the cat genie meme!


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Officially a Mental Health Coach

Hey guys, so I am officially a Mental Health Coach. Which means I can coach people. Im ACSTH certified which means I met the required coaching hours and I am on my way to do my Associate Coach Certificate with ICF. Why am I doing this? Cause I understand the pain of Mental Health and I wanna help people like me, us, gain clarity. Although to be honest, I wish I didn't have to deal with Imposter Syndrome so much. I love you guys ❤ #MentalHealth #Livingwithdepression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety

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I hope no one ever has to be alone when they’re experiencing hard feelings. But I know some are. And those are the people I think about all the time.

#living withSleepApnea

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Living with #Depression and #Anxiety ...

“What have you got to be depressed about?”

Nothing and everything. Yes, my life is full of wonderful people, and I am #Blessed to have the comforts that I do. I know that. But my #Depression couldn’t care less.

FEEL FREE TO SHARE. If you are someone or know someone dealing with #Depression and or #Anxiety , I can only #Hope this will help you #understand that you are not alone and #Pray that WE will be #understood . ❤️🤟🏻

#Livingwithdepression #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Life

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What It's Like Living With Depression

I recently wrote a blog post (see the link below) explaining what it's like living with depression. I wrote it for both those who do and do not suffer from depression. For those who do, I hope it gives a miniscule amount of comfort to read about someone who shares your burden For those who do not, I hope to help you understand what it's like for individuals who do. I know everyone's experience is different, but I think it offers at least a glimpse into the mind of a depressive.




I'm doing good at the moment, almost too good. And that's why I'm frightened. I'm afraid that next time when depression kicks in it will be bad and I'm quite sure that day will come. I just never know when my time being well is up.

#Depression #Anxiety

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What I needed to hear today

We are going to be okay. It is going to be okay. Stay home and stay safe. We will get through this. One moment at a time. This too shall pass. #Anxiety #Livingwithanxiety #Depression #Livingwithdepression

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My kind anyways #CheckInWithMe

What's you doing today? Me I'm still lounging around in bed.
Had a busy day yesterday, taking a friend who doesnt drive and is disabled like myself grocery shopping.

We did make the check out guy laugh as we argued away at the till who was going to pack the food into the bags. She won. I was in more pain. They thought we were sisters.

It's nice to help others even if it hurts at the end of the day and I'm still lounging in my bed. But I planned it well. I have the whole day to rest and recuperate my tired body and mind.
I have some beetroot burgers to try for my dinner they do look yummy if not very red 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🤝💪💪
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19 today!

it's my birthday today and of course my chronic illnesses are in full swing. had a POTS episode this morning and I have no meds to help with the nausea or pain. being 19 sucks. at least some of my friends remembered my birthday. kinda hurt that my dad hasnt said a single word to me today... #Birthday #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicIllness #Livingwithdepression