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Funny Story to Cheer Anyone Up Who’s Having One of Those Days! #laughter #BipolarDisorder

A few years ago, I saw on a Facebook group I was in for singletons in my area, an alternative dating event to be held in a supermarket on a Monday night. The supermarket remained open as usual and no advertising or fuss was made of the event. Basically, you showed up, strolled the aisles and if you were looking for love, you would place a bunch of bananas 🍌 in the front right corner of your trolley. If you passed a fellow love seeker who was displaying their bananas, you could then start to chat, discuss the benefits of bananas in a healthy, balanced diet, possibly exchange numbers and interact without the pressure of being in a bar or club.

I got there about 8.30pm (it was a 8pm start) and strolled leisurely around the aisle. Once, twice round and no sign of anyone else doing the same. An hour had now passed by and I thought It’d be best I put some more things in my trolley and not just the bananas. Well, I lasted for about 2 hours and left my trolley by the baby changing room and darted out the door. I looked on Facebook to see if the event was actually on that night and I’d not got it wrong. Well, where I lived in Salford there’s a Morrison’s at one end of Eccles New Road and one at the end of Trafford Road, they’re about 2 miles apart. I’d walked the two miles difference 5 times over, I’d got the night right, I’d just gone to the wrong f*****’ supermarket hadn’t I 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🛒🍌
#MightyTogether #smiles

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A Thousand #smiles

My #Birthday was recently and even though I had an off day, I can still manage to smile through it all.. 😃

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For a sea loving friend... #friend

I should be sleeping, but remembered I had this photo I made on Madeira a couple of years back.
#Youknowwhoyouare #smiles

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Giggles #Chatspace #Fun #smiles

Hello Chatties

A little joke

Today at the bank an old lady
Asked me to check her Balance

So I pushed her over


Don't think she had much balance if you ask me!!!! 🤣😂😆😅😁💞💕❣💖

Hope you are having a super day
Love n hugs Tj
🌞🌝☀️🌈🌤 #smile #Fun #giggleswithafriend #Chatties #Vent #rant #Talk #Family #Friends #talkingtherapy #checkonyourneighbours #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #laughterisgoodmedicine #Bekind #loveyourselves

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Just A Smile

Git to meet this little yak calf today! So stinking cute with this little smile! #smiles