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It's ok to stop

Being codependent isn't only about loving an addict. I've played the role in more than 1 type of relationship. As you know from last night's post my daughter refuses to seek treatment for her mental illness. She can be very abusive both verbally and physically. My daughter will be 37 next month. It was easy to shut her down last night. I simply blocked her from texting me.
Now let me share with you the other current person I no longer play the role of codependent. My roommate that I was in a relationship with up until the end of last November. Right after we signed a new lease. He does abuse alcohol. Seems every day, I'm feeling more and more, that I'm communicating with a toddler. Last August was a nightmare for me. Loud music, lots of drinking, yelling over each other and over the music. The whole 🕙 I hid in my room. Big promise made then, won't drink until the new year. Not my first rodeo, 99.9% knew it wasn't going to happen, but the constant push is horrible. It's the same routine, like Groundhogs Day the 🎥. I get asked do you care if I have this few drinks. Before the first, I told him I didn't make the promise therefore I don't have the authority to break the promise. Today same question. Today's answer was, I have not changed my mind. I won't be changing my mind. If you drink I will go to my room. Then of course I'm the asshole. All those things I did for him without him asking has stopped.
Everything I say I feel like needs to end with,"that's my final answer". I've turned the corner and the only saving I'm doing is for myself. I'm happy to report even with all this happening, I'm still nicotine free for 16 days!
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***HELP*** My 1year old (19month old) baby has SPD

Im new to this world, I have no idea how to maintain, My little girl is 19m old and still only drinks formula! Wont even open her mouth for baby food or solids... She hates washing her hair or having it brushed. Each visit to the pediatricians office is a night mare. she gets hysterical when the doctor checks her ears. She loves Mickey Mouse she jumps up and down swinging her arms excited but after a while she begins to cry. once the tv is turned off she stops crying. My baby has not even spoke her first word yet much less walked. she waves crawls hugs hits nodding no. is there a #LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel


Don’t give up

Don't give up

Note to the heartbroken,
The sorrowful and pained,
Hear me when I tell you,
The sun will shine again.
Maybe it won't be tomorrow,
Maybe it won't be next week,
But the hurt you're feeling now,
Will soon begin to deplete.
I know you won't believe me,
Convinced these feelings are here to stay,
But nothing lasts forever,
And the pain it will go away.
Until that time arrives,
Be patient and be strong,
Know that the tide is slowly turning,
And you're heart will find a new song.
Hold on tight and don't give up,
I swear you will find your way,
Life is full of little miracles,
And tomorrow is always a new day.
So paint a smile on if you need to,
And face each day as if you're fine,
And pretty soon your cracks,
They'll begin to realign.
Though you may feel weary,
And broken on the inside,
Have faith in your ability,
To cross the great divide.
For you're stronger than you think you are,
And you can survive the pain,
Your battered heart will heal itself,
And you will be whole again.

#Pain #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #Depression #Hope #Recovery #Positivity #LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel


Unknown illness mixed with mental health

So for the past 6 months I’ve had a unknown illness causing me near enough constant pain. I’ve been prodded and poked so many times and the wait for scans and tests seems to be never ending. I struggled with my mental health hugely before all this. But now it seems every time I see a medical professional all they can suggest is pumping me full of pain meds.
My anxiety is driving me mad and im struggling to actually do things because of the pain. My SO stands by and supports but I feel I’m letting him down so often. The things he wants to do get put on hold or cancelled because I can’t do them and he won’t do them without me. Hate feeling like I’m disappointing him no matter how many times he tells me I’m not.
I know I’m lucky to have him, and he really does brighten my every day but my mood at the moment is so low. I’m struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Any advice on how to perk myself up? Any encouraging words? Anything would be appreciated!

All the love to all those having a bad day.

#Pain #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Advice #LightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel



I just want all of those who struggle with their bipolar disorder to know they aren’t alone. I went from binge drinking and partying and being completely reckless to now being two years free of the weights holding me down. When I got diagnosed it all made sense and FINALLY I got some closure on my one of many disabilities. I went through so many medications and so many downs now I have the perfect fit medicine for me and I can honestly say I found my happiness. There are days I still struggle but I promise it gets better. Don’t give up. Keep fighting. If those of you think you may have bipolar disorder consult your doctor. Just being on anti depressants triggers the bipolar “episodes” and makes your life hell. Having a mood stabilizer has made a world of a difference in my every day life. It gets easier and it gets better. Keep swimming through ❤️