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Dr help. #Dysautonomia #gastroperesis #Cant eat #NauseaAndVomiting

Hi yaall. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good dr in Florida? I live in Naples but will travel to try to treat this. I have been on tpn for years then they took me off and now I can only eat liquids without getting so sick and pain. But I cAnt find a doc. Help would be sooo appreciated!!!!! The closer to south Florida the better. But if I have to go I will. Thanks 🙏 ❤️j

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Nervous nausea...

Does anyone know of any medical professional, medication, therapeutic method or strategy to get rid of nervous vomiting and nausea? As outgoing as I am, I have terrible social anxiety and literally have to cancel or avoid certain plans because I feel so sick to my stomach that I will actually throw up from the nervousness. It is so awful and I dont know how to fix it but Im so tired of having to avoid things I actually want to go to because I feel too sick to go. Please help me... 😭 #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #NauseaAndVomiting #nausea #nervous #helpme #RejectionSensitiveDysphoria #ADHD


Or just normal sick?

Every symptom I have is linked to one of these. My body is out of wack. I’m hot. I’m cold. Got the chills. Cold sweats. Shaking uncontrollably. Emotional. I’m nauseous. I’m throwing up. I’m exhausted. Headaches. Body aches. Sleeping too much. Not sleeping enough. No doubt my anxiety and depression are making these symptoms worse. But like, anxious from my daily life. Add the fear of covid because of my symptoms. Am I pregnant? Anxious about that, cause as much as I’d love it, a baby is not something I can handle right now. We all know stress wrecks havoc on your body, so are my symptoms stress induced? With everything going on it’s so hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. I could get tested for covid or pregnancy to rule it out. But then that just means my anxiety and depression are getting worse, not sure I’m ready to admit that I’m slipping further into it. #Anxiety #COVID19 #NauseaAndVomiting #Depression #symptoms #ChronicPain #Pregnancy #ExhaustedAlways #MentalHealth


How can I get rid of heavy periods and pms?

Every time it's the same. My periods and my pms are always heavy and cause many side effects like, pain, cramps, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, and sometimes passing out. Another problem is that I often have it twice a month and that hormonal medication doesn't work well and causes uncomfortable side effects. How can I get rid of it? #Dysmenorrhea #Period #Periods #NauseaAndVomiting #CyclicVomitingSyndrome #PMS #exhaustion #Passingout


How do your #Gastroparesis flares make you feel??

Hi fellow nighties! I was recently diagnosed, but have been battling with undiagnosed for yearssss. I have Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, and an ileostomy. My flares consist of chronic 24/7 nausea, vomiting to the point of dry heaving, painful gas, it’s belching counterpart, and acid reflux has returned this last (current) flare after a much needed hiatus! This usually lasts at least a day or a weekish. I’m just looking to see how this disease affects us all. Thank you for taking your time to read, and (hopefully) respond.

#Gastroparesis #GastroparesisFlare #ChronicNausea #NauseaAndVomiting #ChronicallyLivingMama

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