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Art, stories and taking over the world

My name is Gitta Mikk and I am proud of my mental illnesses. I am an artist and a writer and a brat. At least according to my mother.

I’m just trying to recruit a band of awesome crazy badass neurodivergent weirdos who will read my stories and then come follow me in my quest to establish a dominant but gentle rule over the planet.
Because we definitely deserve a chance to rule.

I’ll be posting cheeky/semi-humorous stories that highlight the unique parts of Mental Health that touch my own life in a personal way and sharing experiences that I think are not uncommon for people with mental illnesses to experience in general.

I will write and blog about my art as well because it is rooted and themed in neirodivergence! (We all love some pretty art right??)

I’ll also likely post some random thoughts as they pop into my head to remind everyone to follow me if they would like to be a part of the coming revolution and join my Neurodivergent matriarchal reign.

Follow MEEE my children!!
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#newstory is out!!

My latest story with The Mighty is now published! It’s about finding myself in #EatingDisorder #Recovery . And learning to be okay with who I am without my disorder. Check out my profile to see the story! #MightyTogether


#newstory !!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take a moment and let y’all know about a #newstory of mine that will be published soon! it’s another #EatingDisorders piece that I hope you like! It’s called “I Lost Parts Of Myself In Eating Disorder Recovery And That’s Okay” ! I’m new to the #Recovery journey and this piece is about navigating the early stages of #EatingDisorderRecovery . I hope y’all like it! I have another story published called “My Eating Disorder Was Never About The Food”. Please take a moment and give it a read! I hope everyone is doing well and that y’all have a great day! #MightyTogether 🧡🧡