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Art, stories and taking over the world

My name is Gitta Mikk and I am proud of my mental illnesses. I am an artist and a writer and a brat. At least according to my mother.

I’m just trying to recruit a band of awesome crazy badass neurodivergent weirdos who will read my stories and then come follow me in my quest to establish a dominant but gentle rule over the planet.
Because we definitely deserve a chance to rule.

I’ll be posting cheeky/semi-humorous stories that highlight the unique parts of Mental Health that touch my own life in a personal way and sharing experiences that I think are not uncommon for people with mental illnesses to experience in general.

I will write and blog about my art as well because it is rooted and themed in neirodivergence! (We all love some pretty art right??)

I’ll also likely post some random thoughts as they pop into my head to remind everyone to follow me if they would like to be a part of the coming revolution and join my Neurodivergent matriarchal reign.

Follow MEEE my children!!
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recovery really isn't linear 📈 #healingjourney

really relating to this piece (and many others) by @soolooka (on Instagram)

On my healing journey I've learned that my thoughts create my reality.

By becoming aware of the stories I am telling myself I am able to learn that I do not need to respond to every feeling or thought I have. Learning how to react in a way that is congruent with who I am and who I am becoming is a process of constant change and re-evaluating what coping skills are working and being open to feedback. It can be so uncomfortable to look at myself, but also freeing. Healing is complex.

I can choose my truth(s). I can let go of controlling my thoughts and emotions, let them wash over me and accepting them, in turn accepting myself. What is more powerful than that ❤

Radical self acceptance and self love is a constant work in progress for me. Slowing down, letting go of control and allowing things to be what they are, does not always come easily to me - maintaining a balance in this world full of distractions takes an effort and willingness to believe I'm worth it, and that's a whole other struggle, but it's all related.

Mind, body, soul, it is all connected. This journey is constantly reminding me of that and the rabbit whole of healing continues 💞

By practicing self exploration and self compassion I (and everyone on a healing journey💫💛) am able to dig deeper and ask myself where the emotions are coming from, and begin to figure out what is needed to heal 💛
#allworkisselfwork #shadowwork #innerchildhealing #spiritualgrowth #radicalselfacceptance #darknightofthesoul #healingjourney #mentalhealthjournaling #changingmymindset #selflovejourney


0ne Thing- Visuals & Lists

Making a list of all the things that are important to me;
Faith. My Mental Health. Family. Friendships. Hobbies. My home. Finances. Health. My business.
Doing ONE thing that is actionable.
Possibly for each because I just drank a Mean Bean and smoothie for lunch, however, I will be happy that no matter what, today I woke up, my pain level is a 6 and no matter how small a task I complete, I woke up today. In the face of all things, I can love, laugh, and learn so that I can continue to grow. I'm visual. I need lists.
I will check in with myself at the end of the day to report my progress- what worked & what didn't. #52SmallThings #selfawareness #mentalhealthjournaling