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Repetitive HUMMING while watching movies and TV?

Whenever I am watching TV or movies, anything except comedy, I continually hum, and have done so all my life. Sometimes I hum an actual tune, but in the vast majority of the time, I hum  just 2 or 3 random notes, which I will repeat for really long periods of time. Sometimes it is in unison with a main note in the background music, or a harmony,  but most times the notes have nothing to do with the music soundtrack. As you can imagine, it distracts and irritates other people to varying degrees. My solution, since I haven't been able to stop it, is just to watch alone. If you still don't understand what I am talking about, imagine sitting next to someone humming the cello notes to the theme from JAWS while you are trying to concentrate on an episode of The Gilmore Girls, or Dateline, or Law & Order.  I've done this my whole life, and it soothes me while at the same time it embarrasses me because I can't stop without starting up again a couple of minutes later, usually unbeknownst to me. I'm not actually looking for a cure for this. I just want to know if I am the only one, and does anybody know why I might do it, or where it comes from? Thanks for your time. Peace.♧

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When every noise makes you feel crazy...

Anyone else feel like every tiny little noise made in your surroundings is amplified by a 1000. I’ve been feeling extra anxious yesterday and today. Everything is making me agitated. I have been working from home, helping with online school, my husbands presence is making me nuts, he’s trying to be helpful but it seems to make me more anxious.

The noise of the dishes being done make me want to scream. The sounds of anything “small”. Sometimes I just feel like I’m crazy and my family doesn’t understand what I’m feeling so I try to just not say a thing about it.

Thanks for listening. #Anxiety #trigger #noise #Family #workfromhome


#noiseproblems #SensoryProcessingDisorder #Autism #IndepedenceDay

I dont hate fourth of July, but I hate living in a neighborhood on this holiday and all the noise. I can hear the base of music from near by yards, I feel it. All the noise, I cant enjoy my yard, and I hear it in my house with the doors closed! The fireworks are loud and smell bad, makes the air bad, I can hear them and feel them; they are llit off behind my home and I get scared, its it's like bombs going off; the way they bother my dogs makes it even worse for me. These things, where I live if you complain on the community page people get mad at you, you cant complain. Cops dont do anything for fireworks even though its illegal in my state. All noise bothers me in the evening on this holiday. I would never travel on this day because traveling on a holiday is crazy. Evening and night on july 4th sucks for me, and I dont know what time the noise ends. The noise could last past 10pm, and I cant wind down til it ends. My room is a corner room, so it doesn't help espcape the sound either. #noise #noiseproblems #Autism #SensoryProcessingDisorder #quitetheholidaydown


how much can I do stress# panic#

My parent is dying, my handicapped partner fell and I have a major plumbing disaster. I feel this kind of screeching noise in my head what to do



Tips for someone who hates noise

Do you wear earplugs all the time or headphones to cancel noise The noise I hate is people speaking. I work 8 hours in a factory, so I am used loud noises, that doesn't bother me, but I am also introvert. So after that 8 hours of socializing I am tired... really, really, really tired. #Introvert #noise

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Quieter may be the answer. #noise #Anxiety #Office #Stress

Today was my first day in a secluded part of the office where noise and shenanigans can’t reach. I have to say I feel a LOT more at peace. It might just be in my head but — well, of course it is! I’m tired but not twitching in a dark corner exhausted. Kudos to my management who were kind enough to suggest the idea of moving me and to follow through. Maybe I’ll have energy to work on therapy and slowly regain some of the confidence I’ve lost over the years

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