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    My Mental Health "team" refuse me my rights and do not treat me fairly or equally. For years its been like this and its only getting worse. what do i do? im not sure... the walls are closing in and i feel like i am being snuffed out

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    Nervous 😟

    <p>Nervous 😟</p>
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    Community Voices

    I can’t eat. Haven’t been able too since August. I keep ending up in the ER for fluids and pain meds. Now my doctor is having me meet with a vascular surgeon to discuss placement of a port and leaving a standing order for infusions twice a week.
    I am weak and tired all the time. I am falling and bumping into things. Stumbling over myself. I started working again for the first time in over 5yrs at least because we cannot afford my medical bills and are on the verge on bankruptcy.
    But I love taekwondo. And I suck at it. And I am weak. But I try.
    Can I still participate with a port installed?

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