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    In the middle

    I feel so stuck in these questions from the image --
    "Tell me, father,
    which to ask forgiveness for:
    what I am, or what I'm not?
    Tell me, mother,
    which should I regret:
    what I became or what I didn't?"

    I have written on here before about feeling the heavy weight of potential that I haven't lived up to. I feel like I should have been able to overcome the trauma and mental health challenges. I feel ashamed of where I am at in life, so I am deliberately isolating from friends and family so I don't have to answer their questions. My therapist reminds me of all the ways I am succeeding in life, but I just can't accept it.

    I feel like I need to ask forgiveness from someone for where my life is at, but there is no one to direct that request to. Sometimes, I feel like I need to stand on top of a mountain with a bullhorn and shout, "I'm sorry! I'm just sorry!" to the world. I have no other words.

    #Potential #goals #Forgiveness #Selftalk #Relationships #Faith #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #CheckInWithMe

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    You never know who that child could be

    The topic of abortion has been weighing on my mind lately.
    What if the baby you want to abort is the world's next genius?
    What if the doctors are wrong and your child will be completely healthy?
    What if you gave that baby up for adoption since there are SO SO many people who want a baby but physically can't have them?
    What if you became a parent and it was the greatest blessing and lesson you ever received?
    What if you chose to save your baby so they can reach the potential they could have?
    I understand there are major reasons for an abortion, such as in the case of rape or incest, or if the mother's life is in serious danger.
    I have just known too many women who have been told by doctors and medical professionals that their baby might have major disabilities or live only for a short time, and that they should abort. These women went on to have beautiful, healthy babies.
    Miracles happen. Life is precious. Don't make the judgement call for your baby. You never know what the outcome may be for them.❤
    #Abortion #prolife #Prochoice #Potential #Gifts

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    Some people can’t see are full potential. We got to realize that on our own we have that potential and we need to see it. Or at least believe in it. Let’s make today not realizing others potential but our own potential. We can soar through the skies if we wanted to.

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    You are capable of doing so much more than you give yourself credit for. “If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves”-Thomas Edison. It might take a couple of tries but you have the capabilities to succeed. If it doesn’t work at first, keep trying, you have the potential. #Capability #Potential


    What’s In A Name?? #treatment #knowledge #Recovery

    #Treating an #Undiagnosed #illness is like swimming for the surface when your lungs are about to give out. #BloodTests , #Cultures ... on paper you are fine, and yet you’re obviously not. There is #power in a name. There is a plan in a name. There is #Hope in a name. There is a #future when you know what you’re dealing with and you can begin to #Breathe again. Until then, we drown in #Copays and #Confusion ; #Pain and perplexity. Someone is going to figure me out, and I will consume the all-refreshing breath of #knowledge , and the #Potential that comes with it.