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How to explain what POTS feels like #LivingWithPOTS #potsisreal #potswarrior #potsdoesnthaveme

People ask me what a POTS attack/ flare day feels like, this is it.

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Living with POTS is no joke! Every day you feel like crap but you have to keep going forward with your life. You are so strong. What healthy person do you know can walk around and look happy, but on the inside they are about to pass out, their chest hurts, they are about to vomit, they are so tired, they can’t think well, their head is pounding, yet they just look like a normal healthy person? Dang people!
#Spoonie #potswarrior #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #potsisreal #potsiestrong #LivingWithPOTS #potsdoesnthaveme #POTSLife #AutonomicDysfunction #POTS

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Balancing life #ChronicIllness #Dystonia #potsdoesnthaveme

Balance in everyday life is one of the most important things i am learning to understand and learn. Finding the balance that makes me the best version of myself, has taken a lot of self learning, focus and overall just creating the habit of checking in with myself regularly. I discovered that negative energy and thought throw my personal off so much that it affects my mood and impacts how i interact with the people in my life. To realize simply, just a negative person can change my entirety has been a humbling and impactful discovery. To be my best self, holding onto positivities and embracing my free spirited nature is paramount to being the kind, joyful and positive person i am and love to be. 

Balance within my chronic illnesses, starting with the most important thing to me. The importance of being who i am and not being my illness ! After finally finding my identity aside from my illness change my life in the best of ways, and allowed me to grow and flourish into the women i am today. Within Self awareness, finding the happy medium between how much to talk about my illness and when it is time to focus my mind elsewhere. Learning balance, knowing its okay to voice how i feel, speak of bad days while reminding myself to keep my mind positive on the hard days. Allowing myself to have bad days without leaning on complaining and reminding myself i have good days also. Focusing on myself while leaving time and energy for others, learning how much of myself to give is still something i am working on. knowing its okay to say not today and focus on myself, balancing my own time and energy when what i have to give varies day to day being dependent on my illness. 

Accepting to be the best me is allowing myself to fight for myself, being selfish is okay when you need to be, loving myself and loving my life and all the comes with it, remembering happiness comes in all forms and to be joyous over the small things ! 

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How do you turn your health into a motivator #Arrhythmia #Epilepsy #helpeachother #DisabilityAdvocacy

#52SmallThings I believe the more we educate and talk about our conditions among others the easier it becomes to #challenge #stampoutstigma #hiddenhealth #Epilepsy #PTSD #MentalHealth #MentalIllnessStigma #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthCare #Neurodiversity #Neurologyawareness #Arrhythmia #LivingWithPOTS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Potsie #AutonomicDysfunction #POTS #potsdoesnthaveme #Healthtech
I admit and accept it isn’t, nor has It been easy and has been a very long road at times! but I would like to unite others to #Raiseawareness “we are the experts of our conditions” So who better to educate...

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Feeling unlike yourself on Valentine’s Day #POTS #Dysautonomia #potsisreal #ChronicIllness #potsdoesnthaveme #Fightingthegoodfight #Potsie

This is my first Valentine’s Day with POTS, since it came on very fast and suddenly last April. I’ve always cherished this holiday because who doesn’t love an excuse to shower friends and family with candy, cards, and love? But man, I don’t feel like my ecstatic, effervescent self this time around. But you know what? If I can enjoy this holiday in the only way I’m able— watching a funny RomCom in a cold theater and hopped up on 2.5 L of saltwater, uncomfortable in my compression pants, with my feet elevated— then I will smile about that! It may not be the same, but at least I can do something! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone— I hope you celebrate in whatever way that you’re able! Much love to all! ❤️❤️


Living with POTS

There isn’t an aspect of my life that isn’t impacted by POTS. It really makes you slow down and focus on what’s important. You no longer have the energy to waste on anything less than top priorities. I’m learning to see that as a gift. #LivingWithPOTS #potswarrior #potsdoesnthaveme #ihavepots