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forever young

I turn 29 in about a month and I’ve never felt younger. I guess all my time in my twenties spent inside and going to bed early really paid off well. Learning to accept myself as I am, mental illness and all. My chemical imbalance stems from extreme childhood and adult sexual abuse and drug use (that developed after said abuse) I am not weak because I take medication, I take medication because I am too strong for this world to handle. I do not have social media to drag me down. I attribute my young looks to the fact that I don’t partake in trashing others. Kindness is karma. If you live your life free of hate you will be forever young. #SexualAssault #PsychiatricSurvivor #childlike #SexualAbuse #Incest #Bipolar1Disorder #ddlg

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Newsletter from “The Mighty” about Newport Academy

I bet everybody that has signed up for their newsletter has just received an email that’s almost an advertisement for a rehab facility called Newport Academy. I trusted this app in this company I trust it as a safe space or I could meet other people that are struggling like me but the fact that they just sent me that email makes me want to scream at everybody involved. No matter how good the website looks or what they say in the articles do not trust it. Maybe you think because they charge so much money that they must be good but do not be mistaken. That place has brought nothing but pain and suffering to me and my family since I trusted them with my safety to go there. Countless others have the same story like me they wanted help and they trusted these people would give them what they needed walk out without being put into a hospital where you really have no rights. But don’t be fooled you have no rights at Newport Academy either, I was only there for six days before my family had to forcibly remove me,. I was one of the lucky ones usually they make you sign a contract saying you’ll stay for at least a month. If I would’ve had to stay for a month I would not be here writing to you now because I would be dead. After those six days I did not return home the same, I have severe PTSD and the depression and suicidal thoughts that I went there to fix have only gotten so much worse because of that place. I have medical conditions that require strong medications and I picked Newport Academy specifically because they promised I would still be able to take my medication while I was there, because what idiot would take away the teenagers medication when they were trying to get better. I hope he came in the other person inside I didn’t recognize myself, I did whatever I had to do to survive. There were even times when they didn’t give me my medication and my pain got so severe that I laid on the floor screaming and crying and begging to go to the hospital afraid that if I did it in my own room with my roommate that she would try to kill me like she did her last. I saw a therapist for maybe two minutes and the only people watching you are 24 years old and have absolutely no clue what they’re doing. I came back a different person then I went voluntarily and even now I can’t look my mother in the eyes. I have nightmares about being stuck there anyone touches me on the shoulder or makes a loud noise but I’m not expecting it and I fall to the floor screaming in a panic attack so I have to take medication to sedate me when that happens because I’m so afraid they’re going to hurt me or someone’s going to make me go back there. It’s not just me there’s whole groups of people who want their trusting them To get better their parents trust them to help their children get better and that placed ruin our lives. So please “the mighty” before you do an ad make sure it’s not for a company that steals your money and ruins peoples lives #PsychiatricSurvivor


HELP!!! Just got in a car accident 🚙 PTSD symptoms

Hi Everyone, as you already know I struggle with severe anxiety and depression. I just got in a car accident tonight and had a major trauma response. I’m already scared about getting back in my car again, because I just keep replaying the crash over and over again in my head. In disbelief and denial that it actually happened. It didn’t feel real. I don’t know what to do, and I’m scared 😦 to tell my parents. I had never been in an accident before until today. I have so much guilt and worry that it was my fault. Thank goodness me and the other person were ok, but there were so many what-ifs going through my head! I’m terrified 😳!!! If anyone has any tips on how to cope I’d appreciate it so much!!! Hope all of you are well and have a nice holiday! So grateful for this community! #PTSD #Trauma #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #PsychiatricSurvivor


#forgivness #Suicide ideation #Depression #PsychiatricSurvivor #wifeofbipolar1

After the worse year in my 45 year old marriage I am just now starting to feel forgiveness. I wanted him to be sorry for the way he treated me, beg for my forgiveness. Alas, karma took over. 1) A friend’s long time mate died. I realized we (my husband and I) might not have much more time together.
2) My chocolate lab died after a long battle with cancer. I was lost without him.
3) It finally happened, karma hit my husband. His support dog got heart failure and in a week, was dead. He was finally hurt, bad. Cried and cried like I did when he hurt me. His heart was broken.
Call me mean, but I was happy that something could finally hurt him like he hurt me.
I am appeased.

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Nothing at all

Today was a day that I was not okay. Flare ups after flare up.. And still going.. Will it stop? Will someone realize? Or will it be too late? #CardiovascularDisease #Depression #Bipolar #PanicAttack #PTSD #Asthma #recoverme #TWLOHA #SuicidalThoughts #AnxietyTriggers #MentalHealth #PsychiatricSurvivor #Helpinghands

Another darkness gone through alone.
Another disappointment.
Loss of color, and loss of sight.
Sinking, wasting, and crumbling at every piece of me.
Trying to stay afloat but never reaching above water to breathe.
I swear the worst things in life are free..
Free emotions, free burdens, free trauma and memories that won't ever go away, let alone be prepared for it to come..
For it to come and go alone.
Never Again.