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We are all still going through so much, but with the bad ass support team we going be alright!!!💪🏾

#PTSD Some days feel like a cat chasing my tail.... then I remember who I am the Head and not the tail!!!I was made whole!!! #keeppushing #wegotthis !

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New Friends Destination For Current And Soon To Be New Friends! #Friends #MentalHealth

Doesn’t this image and idea look like a paradise?

Link to join us in this new adventure:

New Friends Ages 40-55ish

We all came on The Mighty ultimately to make new, real connections and to grow new friendships to get rid of this terrible thing called loneliness/being alone that is not good for anyone’s mental health and we all want better mental health.

We all want to have friendships too based on the simple fact that we are humans and humans need to feel connected to other humans.

And the twist with this group, is to all pitch in to make this a place on The Mighty where we don’t focus on our illnesses, because we are more than our illnesses, so much more. And we don’t want to forget that about ourselves. We don’t want to have our personalities get lost, all of the different, cool, unique things that make us who we are as people.

So let’s all pitch in and start just chatting about everyday stuff like you would with any friend, about life in general, sharing things about yourself- just a couple examples -your interests, something you found funny, etc., whatever you would think that this is something you would like to share with a friend, and having some fun being social- because we all know we need to really connect and keep growing new friendships with our mental health in mind.

One smile emoji or even one word can start a friendship. Some of the most comforting words in the universe are “me too.” “Hello.” “How is your day?”…(if you don’t have another conversation starter or reply to join in).

New friends can change your life and your mental health for the better.
Add in anything to get the ball rolling and grow some new friendships here.

We can’t wait to get to know You.

#Life #MightyTogether #Positivity #positive #Kind #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #lonely #alone #MensHealth #MensMentalHealth #good #funny #Fun #happy #Happiness #RoomForJoy #Joy #Mindful #Mindfulness #Together #StrongerTogether #ItGetsBetter #TogetherWeAreStrongerCampaign #FamilyAndFriends #FamilyWeChoose #relate #relatable #Chat #Hope #WhatWeLoveMostAboutLife #wegotthis #NoOneFightsAlone #youmatter #Connect #Connection #SocialInteraction #social #Lifestyle #LifeLessons #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Confidence #Selflove #wellness #Health #EmotionalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #FriendsForSurvival #TheMighty ’sMentalHealthHeroes

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If all you do today is take it 15 minutes at a time….you’re doing amazing. 💕

My reminder to myself…stay centered. Cry if needed. Release it don’t hold it in. #TheMighty #fibrowarrior #Fibromyalgia #winterblues #sad #loveyourself #Loveyourselffirst #thistooshallpass #wegotthis

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Sending out a little ray of hope and a smile 🌸❤️

Hey everyone. 👋🏻

I hope you are all doing better today. Every day is a challenge for us, but take each step a little at a time to overcome that obstacle. We have our ups and downs, but we will make it . Everything will be okay. We are strong enough 💪🏻 to be able to handle such illnesses we have. But it has an end someday when we go to Heaven. ✝️💖

Meanwhile, be strong, and take one day at a time. Do what helps you rest and have some fun too, even if it's a video game, a bath, or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. That helps us make it through the day too. 🤗❤️ Talk it out to someone you trust.

You have all of us here to listen and if we can, give some advice. A helping hand. 🤝 (well, words.) only us can understand each other than others who are "normal" in the world. Even doctors don't want to bother.

We can do this! Let's try and make each day a little happier. Smiles to all of you and hugs. 🤗❤️ #MightyMinute #CheckInWithMe #Hope #youarenotalone #wegotthis



How to help my sister deal with depression creeping up on her? She has been stressed from work and school. She is becoming burned out. Thanks in advance guys ❤️ #screwdepression #wegotthis

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Not really happy?

I was watching a series in the afternoon today, just laying on my bed and laughing and jumping. Just then my brother came to me and asked "have you seen the news? It's about Sushant Singh Rajput" I WAS SHOCKED AND CONFUSED. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I googled. What I saw, broke my heart. Literally I was, I am shattered. I adored him alot. I was a fan since I first watched him on a dance show, I used to vote him for every performance. He was going through a severe depression, he committed suicide. I didn't know what to do. So I let those tears flow. He was one of the most down to earth actors. He was simple. In every role, he was perfect as if it was made for him. It always feels like we are having this inner battle inside, us versus the reality. We think we can depression on our own, sometimes we do, sometimes we don't/can't. Committing suicide doesn't make you less brave, it's brave, its like euthanizing yourself. What's done is done.
But trust me, what if we decided not to euthanize ourselves? There will always be struggles. Struggles will always be overpowering and overwhelming. We will have that fight always. We have to live everyday, and give our previous day a competition. Sometimes we will loose, sometimes we will win. DEPRESSION IS NOT OUR ENEMY. ITS OUR FRIEND. We will have to walk hand in hand. It's our greatest win. Because you know why? The ones who suffer from mental illness are the strongest people. People fight withs other people. BUT fighting with yourself and winning or accepting yourself is the biggest fight one can achieve. Stay strong.
#Depression #mentalhealthawareness #HappinessCanBeFoundEvenInTheDarkestOfTimesIfOnlyOneRemembersToTurnOnTheLight #wegotthis #loveyourself #justholdon #youwillbefine


Mental illness

I hate saying “mental ILLNESS” it makes me feel degraded and unworthy. I have had so many people look down upon me and judge me and downgrade me because I have depression and anxiety. Until you know how it truly feels the struggle of just getting the motivation out of bed every morning or having the hardest time falling asleep at night. Depression plus anxiety is EXHAUSTING. So no having depression and anxiety is not an ILLNESS in MY opinion it’s a form of STRENGTH being able to fight those demons daily on your own only makes you stronger. #HeadsTogether #StayStrong #wegotthis

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Ups and downs

So, I woke up this morning with immense pain in my right thumb and wrist, where I have tendonitis. The rain the last few days, as well as the crocheting a blanket has severely aggravated it to the point where I have to take a day off from blanket making and baby my wrist. So, in leiu of being artistically creative, I thought it would be a perfect day to dye my hair. Hence, the pic lol. I'm going lightish brown, and I'm natural a dirty to light blond. I'm super excited to see how it turns out. I'm not sure what is on the docket for the rest of the day, but I'll face whatever comes with a smile and newly dyed hair! #quarantinesurvival #wegotthis #Silverlining #Hufflepuff #optomisticrealist


How do you plan to keep up with your school work?

I know there might be more people like me who are going to be taking online classes for either a couple weeks or the rest of the semester, and wanted to see how everyone is planning to make sure they complete their courses? I know personally, I can't focus with online courses because I get distracted by everything. Any tips? #College #onlineclass #CoronaVirus #Anxiety #wegotthis

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