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Good morning 🌞

My name is Logan. I’m new to the site. I came here to meet like-minded people that struggle with emotional illness like I do. I’m very unhappy with my life at this juncture. I don’t have many friends bc I fear that if they learn how broken I am inside, they’ll run away! I know I am a good person, but fear paralyze’s me then I don’t know which way to turn/go. I am a positive person for others, yet a Debbie downer to myself! I’m here if anyone needs to talk or vent, I always try to relate. #Saddnes #Pain #Paralysis #Aloneandscared #NeedSupport #mutualsupport


sending hugs

Hey guys, it's my first post. I'm having a tough time. Four years ago, my daughter was born and I hate christmas and "sudden love from everyone because it's christmas" ever since I've lost her. Leukemia. Then, one by one, I've lost my husband, triplets, two older brothers, father and surprising amount of friends.

I'm alive because I have a couple of people who gave me their hearts and I gave them mine. I'll survive this time of the year. I'm trying to ignore as much of christmas bullshit as possible.

I'm not sure how to talk about my health. I'll tag it.

I just wanted to say hi. I'm here. I see you. I'm listening. And I want to be heard. I love this place, it's full of support, love and understanding and soft hugs. I'm sending one to each and every one of you. Stay strong 💜




I took a nap this afternoon and woke up crying. my pillow was soaked. I had a dream (nightmares). all I rember is that one of my estranged sons had written an email or text to my sisters. I must have seen the ending: “She’ll cut and cut and cut and cut you till you can’t take her anymore or when she’s gone”! that’s when I woke up. my heart was pounding and I was crying so hard. I started with my thoughts. who cares? no one will notice. I changed my will. took all of them out. NOTHING. My brother as executor . everything goes to Dennis. I’m to be creamated immediately . no service. ashes in a box in a hole with my parents or throw them in the trash. No sisters anymore. no children anymore. no parents anymore. dennis will be sad. we’ve been together over 24 years. he’s here, but not here. All gone because of mental illness. I hate this disease. Since no one can see it, it’s “all in you’re head”! Funny isn’t it? my wish is that nonbelievers walk one day in our shoes. that’s it


Wishing my #Anxiety would stay away

I’ve had almost two months without terrible morning anxiety. They’ve been amazing. It’s been incredible to wake up without a racing heart and tight chest.

Yesterday I could tell something was a little off. I was quiet all day and more in my head than in days previous.

This morning was the killer. I managed to make it to the gym, but while in the shower broke down sobbing and couldn’t stop until I got to work. Even then I cried silently at my desk.

I’m so confused. I don’t understand where the anxiety is coming from. Why is it back? How long will it stay? What if I forget how to cope? Will everyone I love leave me because I can’t stay free of anxiety?

#Anxiety #Saddnes


Dont know how to feel

I was diagnosed with Severe depression and Bipolar Disorder on 2018 i started the pills of the depression but never the Bipolar ones because i change the plan medical. I want to be treated again i am with my family and i was very happy but now i am super sad in a click and im irritated too i just wanna know if is normal to feel so sad and not having motives to be here..... #Saddnes

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#Saddnes #CheckInWithMe

When your support dog of 14 years has heart failure and only given 6 months.
I knew this day was coming but I am nowhere near ready. I got her after I had a molar pregnancy and she’s been my rock ever since. Help me through my pregnancy lost, death of my first love, many miscarriage, and my traveling buddy. #EmotionalSupportDog

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I’ve always had elaborate dreams. Intense and realistic. Last night I dreamt my mother called me a crack whore and made me give back a puppy I had found on a street chained up and needing help. AGAIN, just a dream. But then I always wake up. How am I supposed to just bounce back from this shit? You think the rest of my day is okay? It never is. #Depression #Nightmares #MentalHealth #Saddnes


Does this happen to you as well ? #Depression #Saddnes #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety

People around are celebrating and having fun but i feel like sinking to the floor and crying, i feel like killing myself. I dont want to be a part of this life anymore. It’s not that i grudge or envy their happiness, i’m just full of unexplainable sadness and frustration. There is a black void that’s growing by the minute and eating away at me


#Depression #Saddnes #Superstious #Crazymind #Anxoius

4 weeks ago my uncle died following a gastric bypass after a month long coma, 2 weeks ago i woke to the news that my other uncle suffered a stroke. He’s recovering but it’s a long way . And finally 2 days ago woke up to the news that my aunt had and MI and she’s in CCU. All of this is messing up with my head, scaring me and bringing me down. I hate waking up from sleep because i get these shocking news. I just want some mental stability, I need it .

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