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Its ok to say NO!

Are you a people pleaser? I know I am! I hate letting people down by saying no, especially in my early years! Having a chronic illness I have to say no more. Either cause I have no energy or I am in pain and even though I am getting better at it, I still have this guilt feeling. I know it's ok to say NO, but why do I still feel bad? It not like they are angry and if they are disappointed its only cause they looking forward to something.
Good thing I have Loki to practice NO on! Haha... he doesn't like it either and he let's you know! Watch for yourself!

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Sayno #MightyPets


Am I wrong #Depression #Sayno #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

Ahh I’m #nervous this is my first post.... ok ahh., soo I have so many ppl pulling me in different directions... and I’m afraid if I don’t do them, I’ll lose them.
At the same time, I feel OVERWHELMED & smothered. I have my boyfriend whom wants me to move back to NY *but* my grandma is old and needs me, he is saying if I don’t come tomorrow he’s afraid he will hate me..🤔
I have been avoiding him, and he’s getting mad.
I am a streamer and a #gamer , I love rpgs and fantasy- I love lore— the one other person I talk to other than my bf is this person and I’ve known them along time... but they only want me to play their games and I know this sounds SO LAME- and it probably is,
I isolate and am in my room, #Reading, #Writing #Gaming or doing something else - all my #Relationships are LDR at the moment.
All my life, really. I’ve been tossed around so much I grew up on webcam with 3 friends and we go through rotations where we talk and don’t talk- this is a don’t talk period. Though one is trying to ; I can’t... yet
Point is , my camera is in all the time. Be it streaming or with 1 of 2 people. I begin to vanish without ... it if that makes sense...
My question is,
Is it wrong for me to be tired of doing what everyone else wants me to do? Even something dumb as playing a game, why can’t we play what we each want & just talk ? Why am I bad because I don’t want to want to race cars 😒
And is it wrong to hope that my bf would understand ? If I go visit coming back would be a threat with #COVID19 as my grandma is 82... nyc is hit hard and she has no one but me, no family will come around I mean; he says she’s abusing me- either way, I think it’s wrong to just abandon her.
I was going to go & quartine (spelling) when I come back but that may not be good enough... or what if gods forbid she goes back into the hospital ? They surely wouldn’t let me see her right away...
But when I had planned to go, I asked if he could at least call the taxi and he wouldn’t., I have a huge fear of phones, some days, and I can’t use it...
He’s an amazing man, he wants to take care of me for “the rest of our lives” and is truly good to me- unless he doesn’t get what he wants? My friend she thinks he is a sociopath and we stopped talking but hopefully will start again soon.

Am I truly doing all the wrong? I know I am stupid and fail but... am I being unreasonable in just wanting to #hide ?
I’m sorry I hope I didn’t waste anyone time... thank u if u read , I apologize ...

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Selfcare is vital

I often find myself compromising my needs to meet the needs of others. More than often it leaves me alone and drained. It took me so long to realize it's okay to say no, but since I did and started prioritizing my health first, it made a noticeable difference on my wellbeing and also helped me to live a more balanced life. Say no when you need to take care of yourself, it's not selfish, it's necessary. #Selfcare #loveyourself #Sayno #boundriesareimportant #livehealthy #findbalance

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Setting Boundaries: Learning to say No

Day 3 is all about learning to say NO. For a lot of us it’s really hard. Saying no is not just about forming the words with your mouth it’s about showing people that you mean it. 1. With your body language, 2. With assertiveness and 3. By being consistent. #SettingBoundaries #boundaries #Sayno #LearnToSayNo #DrAlly #52littlethings #TheMighty