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#ToxicPeople and where they can go

Welp. My “SIL” showed who she really was and that is a #Toxic and #Selfish person.

I had offered to help her with creating some digital documents to help her with the business she was starting, but when she started asking me how she could share the docs I told her that I had made them for HER and if she wanted to share them digitally then I should get compensated. She didn’t understand this and kept insisting she should be able to do what she wants with them. I finally told her she needed to print out the docs and share them that way since I was going to delete the digital versions after a few days, which I did.

Now she’s acting like I’m the one trying to pull one over on her and she’s the victim. I sent my husband over to pick up an item I had let her borrow and when he came back with it he was all upset at me for putting him in that position. He says that if I give something away I should consider it gone, even tho I explained to him several times that the item was never given to her. He supported me at first with the docs but now I don’t feel like I have his support. He was talking to his brother and he also seems to be unsupportive if either her or me. (I’m upset at him for a totally separate reason so I don’t care about his opinion but my husband does).

I feel that my intention was to help a family member but once I got burned by them I cut off any potential for them to do it again and now I’m being treated like the bad person for sticking up for myself and my boundaries. Now I have the “SIL” acting like I did something wrong to her and my husband upset because I made him be in the middle of it.

I just needed to vent and put this out into the universe. #ToxicPeople #SettingBoundaries #knowmyselfworth #IDeserveRespect


Some More Smal Realizations

The other day, I’ve come to realize that (among other things) I have a hard time saying “no” to things and people who aren’t good for me. Along with that, setting boundaries is another issue because I feel bad for standing my ground. I also have a hard time speaking my mind as to what I want or need from people. Sometimes I do know what I want, but I can’t put it into words or like most times I’m indecisive. One thing that I really don’t like is the fact that I’m easily affected by other people’s emotions. If they are angry, I get angry. If they cry, I cry. Some my say that it’s a good thing, but for me, I feel utterly embarrassed if I don’t have control over my emotions in front of other people. ( Let alone the fact that I have a hard time controlling my emotions period.) If and when I do cry, I can’t stop. When I’m angry, it’s explosive and very hard to come down from when I’m in that space. I don’t take criticism well at all. My mind instantly goes to what I call “self destructive mode” which is an endless cycle of me feeling myself that I’ve messed up or that I’m worthless (among other thoughts). During these times, I feel anxious, distraught, I isolate myself (which makes it worse). I end up injuring myself when I can’t stop the negative thoughts. I’ve got a lot to work on and a lot of things that I haven’t forgiven myself for. All I can say is that I’m still learning how to live. #MentalHealth #NegativeThoughts #realizations #SettingBoundaries #Emotions #EmotionalIntensity #Selfdesructive


Gave my #HeartAway

#Beinvulnerable and #SettingBoundaries boundaries lead me to him, past mistakes followed and she saw a reflection of her past self,she poured her ❤ out and told him. She finally has someone that will hold her ❤ SHE CAN REST EASY ❤

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Setting Boundaries: Learning to say No

Day 3 is all about learning to say NO. For a lot of us it’s really hard. Saying no is not just about forming the words with your mouth it’s about showing people that you mean it. 1. With your body language, 2. With assertiveness and 3. By being consistent. #SettingBoundaries #boundaries #Sayno #LearnToSayNo #DrAlly #52littlethings #TheMighty