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What is a task/goal/to-do item you would like to acomplish this week? It can be personal, professionnal, health related or not 🙂

I would like to create a writing schedule for myself: currently writing a fan-fiction novel and two original novels. Getting on schedule could help build my readership and following 📚📖 #UlcerativeColitis #CrohnsDisease #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #Caretakers

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What is your favorite way to redirect your attention/lift your spirits during a bad day/week/month/year?

I have taken up writing recently and use creativity to sooth my emotions. When COVID-19 is under control, practicing improv acting/being on stage will be re-added to my activities list. Random singing and physical activity have a place too 👟🎶🎙😃 #IBD #CrohnsDisease #UlcerativeColitis #Caretakers


What was your experience as a caretaker?

Hello everyone, I am pretty new to this app. My experience so far has been insightful and strengthening. Thank you Mighties 💕

Lately, I have been struggling with my dad’s cancer diagnosis. I understand that he is the one with the cancer, but it is disheartening for everyone in the family.

My relationship with my dad, in short, has been a complicated one. I believe most girls go through a stage where their dads distance themselves. Mine did this but it was due to a traumatic brain injury. He went from my most favorite person in the world to a person I feared above all others.

I used to be “daddy’s little girl” but then I was “ignorant” “hysterical” “stupid” and a “disappointment”. My brother and I used to hide from him in our rafters in the barn so we wouldn’t have to work. If I was talking while he was on the phone, he would throw the nearest object he could find at me. I swam my fastest race and he told me I should have done it two years prior. I was being a brat and he held me up by the ponytail and screamed at me...the list goes on.

Like I said...he changed.

Now he has extra skeletal osteosarcoma. This is a rare disease and it is slowly killing him. I initially moved away from a job I loved to be at home with he and my mom. Then he got better. It came back. I chose a Masters program close to home instead of traveling away (I liked this school for other reasons too) and he got better again. Overall, his diagnosis has been like a yo-yo.

Now, he no longer has one kidney, is missing part of his left atrium, has had a stroke and has two tumors back in his lungs. I was going to go off to nursing school but deferred to stay again. All the while, I am wondering what I am doing. Why am I doing this for someone who has treated me so horribly. I know why. He is my Dad. Still, I wish the feelings of resentment wouldn’t cross my mind.

The past year, I have also been gaslighted and accused of being a pathological liar. My friends and even family members were convinced by others that I am a liar. This makes it even harder to have someone to explain this all to. People here about my dad dying and then surviving and do not believe me. Or they hear about the past and they think it isn’t true.

My mom and my brother know the truth and I have them to turn to. However, they are of the same mindset. We all have been hurt by my dad in one way or another and we all feel similar about his cancer. “Is this really the end?” “Why can’t be see that God keeps giving him chances?” “What did we do to deserve this?”

My family is not selfish. They are the kindest people you could ever meet. I just want to know if we are alone in feeling this way.

Have any of you ever felt this way? That you hate yourself for resenting the person who is physically suffering? Have you ever tried to squash those feelings inside because you knew they were impure but they rear up anyway? #Caretakers #Cancer #PTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ChildhoodAbuse #Gaslighting #MightyTogether

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Advice on cooking for a diabetic?

were having my fiancees mum stay with us. she is diabetic and we have NO clue what were doing. She doesnt take great care of her self and we are the ones who will be doing most of the cooking. Any tips, suggestions? Whats a normal day look like in terms of meals? HELP?!

#Diabetes #Anxiety #Depression #Caretakers #Caretaking

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Therapy goal "Love your caretakers"

My goal is to be more patient and try to explain what I need in a more positive way. I screamed at the dogs for fighting but was only the "lil shits" (our two smaller) were actively trying to bite each other while Kaito watched not knowing what to do. I called them ALL in anger because Scott had just walked out the door.
Kaito was upset and started to avoid me, at least that was my suspicion until Scott said he thought Kaito was avoiding me. I knew then I have been pushing him away and yelling at him even tho he needs to stay near me (he is my protector) I immediately started to try to turn that around and with Scott's help he came back in.
I have the most sensitive dog I have EVER had whose emotions wear on his face. I forget he is basically a puppy, even tho he is four he was so neglected he had never slept in a home, or stepped on a sticky.
I could have been mad or stressed out but I was actually relieved that I could still fix it. I realized that I have to calm myself, change my tone, touch him and love him; which is what I need to do all around but specially with my husband Scott and of course Kaito.
I started with Kaito, had already been trying to do this with Scott but there is also Maria (housekeeper) who gets distracted by shinny things and leaves everything half done. She has been driving me crazy but instead of growling or avoiding her I asked her about something she likes.
All 3, immediately lit up and smile as soon as I changed MY attitude and were happy. I have known for a while that I sound angrier and more like a bitch than I actually am, so I started to retreat and let Scott handle it the world (Poor Scott 😳) Now I clearly have to work at sounding and acting not only less threatening but more loving, Kaito can be my regulator.
I have been letting my pain bite the very people that love me and care for me. I ask for empathy everyday but sometimes I get too wrapped up with the pain, I can't promise I will never do it again but will definitely be more conscious about it.

#Caretakers #Pain #dog #patience #CRPS #themightyrocks


Sitting by the Fire on a Starry Night

By Katie Clark

I am looking for the light. What sparks?  What ignites?  

Too  long have I hidden in the dark; fanning your fire.

I too need to burn; burn bright and strong.

I too need to know that who I am counts.

That just me, not what I’ve done for you,

Actually has meaning and worth.

It’s not your fault.  I wanted with all my heart to give you my-


But now, I will sit here, staring up at the stars calling out from the blackness.  Striking my flint against the steel of my thigh. 

My sparks fly out onto the carefully cultivated tinder. 

The sparks glimmer and glow orange, going out before I can give it breath. 

I strike again, showers of promise shine down on the awaiting fodder.  I don’t hesitate, I blow gently, timidly at first, hoping that my fire will burn strong and vibrant.  

You come and sit next to me, reminding me of all the oxygen I gave to you to hold.  You pass it back to me, and I blow with a giddiness that encircles those embers and brings it to flame. 

“I will get you sticks,” you say.  I’ve only brought logs, and they’re not ready to ignite.  

Your offering brings my fire alight and bright.  “Now,” you nudge, “add your first log.  I think it’s strong enough.”

#MightyPoets #Fibromyalgia #Caretakers