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    Honesty #PTSD #EmotionalAbuse #DomesticAbuse #SexualTrauma

    I just remembered something and I wanted to share it with you all. When I was at a Rehab facility for 15 months I had group therapy for domestic violence and drug abuse. I also went to individual therapy as well as sexual assault therapy ( which went at my pace). My first time at individual therapy and sexual assault therapy I just kinda sat there trying to make words form that would let my therapist know how I needed help. I than told my S A therapist that I have difficulty speaking what's on my mind because of years of being told that what I had to say didn't matter. But, I can be very talkative when I write what I want to say down on paper. I would put it under my SA therapist door when I was finished so she can read it before our next appointment and she can ask questions. When I got in her office the next time she was all smiles. Because I had wrote about one instance that I've had flashbacks about. She was surprised I was very explicit with details and revealed what I felt afterwards. I told her that if I can't be honest and open about what's messing up my head, then you don't know how to help me. I was told by different case managers, instructors and staff that I was brutally honest and they thought that it did help me along my healing journey.

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    How do you respond to traumatic situations most often?

    There are, most commonly, four different responses a person can have when faced with trauma: fight, flight, freeze, and a less-talked about response called fawning. I’m curious, which one is your knee-jerk reaction most of the time? (Fawning is definitely my go-to response! It’s something I want to actively work on, though.)

    Here’s a bit more about what each response can look like. Which resonates with you?

    🥊 fight — explosive types of outbursts, self-preservation at all costs

    🦅 flight — becoming chronically busy, obsessive thinking or behavior, rushing

    🥶 freeze — most often experienced as disassociation, finding comfort in solitude/isolation

    ⚠️ fawn — a form of people-pleasing, often become codependent, unable to say how you think/feel, avoid conflict

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