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Hypomania to Depressive #Bipolar2Disorder

Guys, I just went from a week of hypomania which was super productive to a depressive episode. Over the past two days I have slept for 40 of 48 hours. I have a ton of homework to do for college and I am worried I won't be able to get it all done by Monday. My OCD is constantly nagging at the back of my mind that I need to get my homework done that I need to get my grades up (Even though I have all As and one A-). Inside my head I am panicking but my body is just exhuasted. I did so much during my hypomania that my fibromyalgia is now kicking me hard. I have so much to do and while deep down I care, on the surface I really don't care and can't focus. Any thoughts, help, or advice? #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #perfectionism #Obsession #BipolarDepression #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDisorder #Hypomania #DepressiveEpisodes #Fibromyalgia #FibroFog #sleepingproblem #SleepDeprivation #Sleeptoomuch


Lucid Dreams and Restless Sleep

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but it would be great to know I’m not alone I this. I almost constantly remember my dreams. Even from when I was 6 years old, I can remember dreams I’ve had. Recently I’ve been struggling with having lucid dreams for consecutive nights. Everything feels so real, like I’m still awake and actually living in this alternate reality. Unfortunately, most of my dreams are either nightmares or generally unpleasant. So I’m awake through the day being depressed and anxious, then it follows me into my dreams so I end up never feeling rested. I’ve come to slightly detest going to bed just because of the nightmares I have and feeling so exhausted no matter what I do.
#Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #MentalHealth #sleepingproblem #Nightmares


What OTC drugs/supplements can I take to correct my sleeping patterns?

I tried almost every alternative to get a good sleep and be able to during the night but all in no gain. I couldn't go to a doctor because of the pandemic. It's becoming so frustrating and it's kinda taking a toll on my mental health. Idk what to do. #Insomnia #sleepingproblem #Anxiety


Trouble with sleeping - White noise #sleepingproblem #WhiteNoise #Avoiding conflict #SufferInSilence

I have trouble with sleeping for months now because the neighbor above is very noisy and walks in the flat without slippers in the morning, at night, at dawn... I am very sensitive to noises and this bothers me. However I avoid conflicts and I don’t go upstairs to talk to her.
Last night I tried to listen to white noise while sleeping and it worked!

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When your almost four year old says “ I want my mommy if she is not asleep “
Damn that’s hard to hear. It’s bad when the little ones notice. #Bipolar #sleepingproblem #DepressiveEpisodes


Sleeping problem

I always wonder is there anyone with Same condition of mine.I'm really afraid to sleep in daylight.not bkz of dreams .after my daylight sleep when I woke up ..I felt very low.I can't do anything for an hour..mentally broken.without any reason I used to cry.after sometimes I wonder what happened to me that time!!
#sleepingproblem #Fear #mentalbrakedown

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