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When part of a partnership is in pain, the whole hurts.

Some people who love me know some of these, only my husband knows all of them.

I try not to overwhelm everyone about what is an overwhelming part of our lives, but this series on living with hemiplegic migraine is so well crafted and hits so close to our own experience, I thought those who wish to enter into ours at a deeper level may want to read it.

The issue of medication rationing is particularly striking, because no one wants to talk about it, or believe the choices we are forced to make, or that they would make the same should they find themselves in the same situation.

My team, which now includes more than 35 doctors nine years after diagnosis, has agreed to prescribe a 15 count supply of my strongest acute migraine medication. I can take a three count dose every three hours.

It takes a second grade education to realize, I could go through the entire month’s supply during a single attack if I choose to do so.

So, I don’t.

I was also warned not to use the Rx more than two days a week to safeguard against dependence, so I schedule my dosage dates. Each week I decide what days are the most important to live life to the fullest, be they my children’s birthdays, Christmas, or the day my son needs a new AFO. I won’t even discuss the side effects of neurological pharmaceuticals. The roulette played between symptoms or side effects is a dangerous gamble we are as powerless to overcome as gravity.


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How do I #empower the disabled men in my life?

I am saddened to see that the media at large does not have many resources for supporting the at-risk men in our lives. My boyfriend is #unemployed and suffers from #PTSD and #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #BipolarDepression and, should we ever get married, I would be the only source of income (as he hasn’t even been able to acquire his SSI, still working on that). And as a man, I don’t want to “emotionally emasculate” him by being the provider and caretaker. I want him to feel like a man. I shower him with kindness and positivity, and times to be vulnerable and raw. But is there something I may be missing? I want to give him the whole world. #Relationships #DatingWithAChronicIllness #SpecialNeedsMarriages #Love #courage #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether


Does anyone know what a good job occupation would be for a single-income marriage that involves cancer and bipolar in the non-working spouse? #help

I am thinking about going back to collage, because I want to have a better job than just being a custodian at a cheese factory. If my chronically-I’ll boyfriend and I get married I want to be able to support both of us financially. But I am afraid to go back and study for fear that his cancer will worsen and I will have to quit classes. I want to spend all of the time in the world with him NOW while he is well and be able to see him at the drop of a hat. But I suppose life is not a giant wish-granting factory. I struggle wihh th anxiety and depression so that is why I have stepped down at work to a more “relaxed” job occupation, but I am wanting to know what you all think ❤️ #BipolarDisorder #Cancer #Depression #Anxiety #SpecialNeedsMarriages #Relationships


I am curious what constitutes a special needs marriage? Ammo unsure if group is right fit...my marriage is something along those lines I think?


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