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I’m in between jobs right now except I don’t have anything lined up. I can’t find anything in my field that offers a good paying job and I’m afraid to do anything outside of my field (even though I might enjoy something else) because I’ll feel like I wasted my college degree. Also feeling the pressure by my family members to apply for jobs I don’t want to do. Has anyone else felt this way? #unemployed #stressed


I am on the precipice of something. Not sure if it's greatness or plummeting to the depths of despair

I am finally getting traction in feeling better from SIBO. I am getting some energy back, but I just finished my second round of antibiotics (that cost $650 AFTER a manufacturer's coupon) and it's still going to be a long hard road with lots of doctors visits and trial and error.

This is coming at a time when I am also finally getting some much needed traction on the job search front. But the extra unemployment benefits ($300 a week) are running out at the end of the month and that means a huge squeeze on finances. I was using that money to pay for doctors since I have shit health insurance now, my cancer surgery (luckily had better insurance when that happened, but was still expensive), and just surviving on way less than what I used to make. That means I have to stop/delay my health journey because I can't afford to go to the doctor. Which means my job search will be harder. Harder to fight through the exhaustion. Harder to feel like it's not all pointless.

But I'm so CLOSE. So close to getting a job. I can feel it. I just need to hold out a bit longer.

Can someone tell me it's all going to be ok? That all of the shit I've gone through for the past 11 years will have been for something. That I deserve good things, maybe even great things to start happening to me again.

#sibo #Anxiety #Depression #unemployed #healthjourney


Is anyone else unemployed currently due to mental illness?

I'm currently struggling with a ton of mental health and physical health issues. I graduated college (I BARELY survived getting through college) and took 9 months off to work on my health. Then I got a job but only had it for not even 4 months before my mental health caused me to quit. Now I'm unemployed, severely depressed, scared, and feeling incredibly useless. I also feel so alone because all my friends have jobs and are successful. Can anyone else relate or has anyone else been in a similar situation?

#MentalHealth #unemployed #Depression #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #Anxiety #ChronicFatigue


I got through cancer, now back to feeling like a useless piece of shit

I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer less than a month ago and got my thyroid removed last week. It's a mild cancer with a 99% survival rate and we caught it early so I don't need radiation pills or anything like that.

I was surprised at how I reacted to my diagnosis. I was positive and level headed and did everything I needed to do with gusto and spirit, something I'd been missing for so long while I've been depressed, anxious and feeling like shit constantly.

I found the cancer while trying to figure out why I feel like shit. My doctor doesn't think it is the source of my symptoms. So I guess handling all of the logistics was a mini vacation from the depression being unemployed and feeling like shit has put me in.

I felt like a useful human being for a little while. I had to get up to go to doctor's appointments, call insurance companies, etc. I know I am capable of doing things, but I can feel myself going back into my funk. I wish I just had a job. Then I wouldn't fight with myself all day over internal motivation because I would have external motivation. Can this pandemic just end already so we can all go back to normal life?

#ThyroidCancer #Depression #Anxiety #unemployed

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How do I #empower the disabled men in my life?

I am saddened to see that the media at large does not have many resources for supporting the at-risk men in our lives. My boyfriend is #unemployed and suffers from #PTSD and #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #BipolarDepression and, should we ever get married, I would be the only source of income (as he hasn’t even been able to acquire his SSI, still working on that). And as a man, I don’t want to “emotionally emasculate” him by being the provider and caretaker. I want him to feel like a man. I shower him with kindness and positivity, and times to be vulnerable and raw. But is there something I may be missing? I want to give him the whole world. #Relationships #DatingWithAChronicIllness #SpecialNeedsMarriages #Love #courage #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether


I hope you guys are insured!! #MedicalBills

I have Medicaid. It pays for just about everything, but we are a long way from universal healthcare.
How are you guys paying for your healthcare and medical bills? #ChronicIllness #HidradenitisSuppurativa #Disabled #unemployed #sick #Workingwhilechronicillyill

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“You gotta try to not think so negatively” #Depression

This is what my husband tells me when I talk to him about my fears and struggles with my depression. I know he means well and wants to help me feel better, but it’s such an unhelpful phrase.

I haven’t had a job since June 2019 when my teaching contract with my school district wasn’t renewed. At the time I had confidence I would be able to get another teaching job. What I didn’t know was that the toxicity of my admin was capable of permeating to other schools and they effectively blacklisted me. I tried to do a long term sub position the following school year, but that’s like doing the work of a regular full time teacher for a third of the pay. I quit after one month.

Covid hit and I was thankful that I wasn’t teaching when it did. Then my prospect for future employment changes as I don’t think I would be able to handle teaching with the current restrictions in place for schools. Besides, with all the budget cuts I probly wouldn’t get hired anyway.

So what do I do? I’ve applied to jobs I think would be good matches for my experience and skills. Teaching gave me several transferable skills that work for management positions. I revised and reformatted my resume, updated my LinkedIn, look for jobs daily on Indeed, try to get a couple applications in each day...
I decided to start my own business and had been planning to partner with my sister in law (probly to have some built in support). Last night and this morning I started to get the feeling that she wasn’t as interested in a partnership as I was. That triggered immediate doubt in my abilities to be successful. I’ve failed at everything else I’ve tried to do so this will probly fail too so why bother?

When talking to my husband this morning I shared some of my worries and I could tell he was getting frustrated with me. This is when he said “you gotta try not to think so negatively.” I would love nothing more than to just “not think so negatively”. I hate that I talk so badly to myself and it destroys my self confidence. I hate that I can’t feel happy about the prospect of being my own boss. I hate that the fears become so much that I become paralyzed and unable to do anything.

I’m trying to ignore the voice in my head calling me a failure and am trying to focus my attention on the steps I can take to make it work on my own. Today ended up being very productive and my hope is that it will continue into tomorrow. Trying to not think so negatively. #Depression #unemployed #CheckInWithMe


#Pain management #unemployed #uninsured family has given up

I don't know where to turn, my family talked me into weaning off my opioid meds, promising better options, moved me to a new state for a roof over my head, & have now thrown in the towel as I cannot find work I can physically do w/severe and pain. My cat & I are on the street, no $$ nowhere to turn... Anyone out there make it thru similar situation?