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Accomidations in chaos

Accomidations in this chaos are few and far in between. I don't participate in any extra #chaos . Our home is one with a variety of thins already going on on a daily bases.... people struggling.
We are a home it a fully disabled Army combat wounded veteran with the inability to work. So, you're talking... #intervert , #PTSD , extra #Depression because he is still able to work in his mind and told he can't, #TraumaticBrainInjury , #PhysicalMedium , #SleepApnea , #closterphobic (in certain situations), #HearingLoss ... and what other #Undiagnosed issues he had prior.. besides #temperment . To add to it... the oldest (teenager) in our home also has a variety of issues...#ADHD , #Merld , #GAD , #undiagnosedasd , #odd , #RaynoldsSyndrome , #mildDyslexia , #boarderlineBiploar ... #sensitive #empath
Next, a seven year old. He is Super tall for his age and has tons of #growthspurts along with everything else. He is a #SensitiveEmpath with #PTSD and signs of #SPD (#SensoryProcessingDisorder ). He may also have #auditoryprocessing issues. He receives #OT , #St , and #SociaWork services.
Next is a smart, stubborn, five year old; and a smart, overly active three year old. You are lucky if they keep their shoes on most the time anywhere. 💯🤪🤣
With all the professional knowledge from my college years (associates degree) and learning from friends I have in the higher up professions of environmental control, Industrial Hygene, constitutional attorney... it also makes me not want to play along with all the chaos that occurs in our current world, let alone make my kids participate.
Healthcare facilities are being able to break all laws, oaths, and rules they want currently because the ADA is doing nothing just as OSHA has been doing. Instead of helping prevent illness, they are spreading it more. They refused my 7yo this summer from a tick bite, instead of looking at his hip to see it if was #LymeDisease that required antibiotics. Then, I had to fight with them at ER showing my wide knowledge to get my child help.. stressing us out in the process. He was so #anxious the was tightly gripped on my arm as we wanted the room to get seen. He needed #antibiotics .
Recently, my husband whom had a #spinesurgery last year was to be seen by his primary #NP . She refused a virtual appointment, and refused to see him in person without a mask 😷. He knows masks at these levels don't work for virual (#mocksuits #biochemicalsuits ), gets #clisterphobic , aren't going by #FederalPPEGuidlines , and already is having issues breathing (#musclespasms around his esophagus and #lockjaw ). He asked if they ever tried breathing through a pillow because it is how he will feel with a mask on if he here to wear one. (Plus. Some of those are put together in dirt.. and dipped in chemicals.) My husband was terminated of their care and not allowed to come back to #Bronson . When he got looking at our chart information... our WHOLE family was #terminatedofcare from #BronsonHealthSystem .

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Happy St Patrick's day to you all! We are starting our spring weather here and I am enjoying coming out of the deep freeze!!
#St .patty's #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness ##ChronicPain

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#St . Patrick’s day

I made my first gnome for St. Patrick’s day. This stuff helps keep me sane.


Sounds of Surviving #WarmWishes

Growing up and working in the literal shadow of St. Jude, it's always been a dream to one day walk those scared Halls as a Healer. Saying you WANT to go into or like me, you just KNOW you belong in pediatric oncology, definitely gets a wide range of interesting reactions. "Oh, that would be hard." "How could you want to do that?" Smiling, I'd reply "you don't understand".
I've never seen so much courage and strength as I have in those children's eyes. I've never experienced a love so deep that a sibling would willingly undergo multiple surgeries in hope (never certainty) that it would be ease the pain of another. I've never been able to put into words the amount of wisdom that comes from someone that has been through that journey; how a 5 year old can teach you more about living life than I ever knew with 30 years of living my own. Those beeping machines, the parents' pacing footsteps down the corridors, the nurses opening those vials of medications.... If you listen closely and at the same time allow yourself to drift away, gently, you'll be able to hear the true sounds of surviving. It's a beautifully sublime orchestrated symphony and tonight it's playing just for you #St .Jude #merrychristmas


Warm Holiday Wishes

Here is Wishing you a Joyous Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 New Year. I hope Santa Claus brings you a stocking full of Holiday Joy!
#WarmWishes #St . Judes


Hugs for you

I know you are in the hospital stuck in bed,
But I overheard some words that Santa said.
One of his very first stops, was going to see you,
Because you have been so strong for all you've been through.
Try to keep a smile on your face and hope in your heart,
Even though you and your family are temporarily apart.
Listen closely, keep your eyes open wide,
Let your joy show through, you dont need to hide.
He knows how strong you really can be,
Everyone has been able to see.
Soon your time here will finally be done,
Before you know it you'll be home having fun.
Get well soon! Merry Christmas!

#WarmWishes #St Jude

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Hi there my little brave one. You are always on my heart and in my prayers. St. Jude is the very best place for you to get well. My donations are small, but heartfelt. Remember, Santa is coming very soon. I hope you celebrate Jesus's birth as well. God bless you always my friend.

#WarmWishes #St Jude

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Thinking of everyone at #St judes and McLeans this holiday. And Wishing you all a very happy love filled holiday with lots of hugs and kisses.

#WarmWishes Victoria.

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