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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Ardnasilet. I'm here because most of the time I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed with my daily tasks. I’m looking forward to seeking the support my family and I need. I am the mother of twin girls, one of them recently diagnosed with ADHD & ODD. I often wonder what their future holds for them and the fact that I’m not always going to be there hunts me every second. I would like to learn more about coping mechanisms and strategies to help improve my anxiety and other mental illnesses. Looking forward to supporting everyone.

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Migraine #Depression #ADHD #ADHDInGirls #odd

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ODD Characteristics

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552 days left
irritable mood
argumentative and defiant behavior
vindictiveness that lasts more than six months
antisocial behavior
anger or anxiety
depression or problem paying attention
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Accomidations in chaos

Accomidations in this chaos are few and far in between. I don't participate in any extra #chaos . Our home is one with a variety of thins already going on on a daily bases.... people struggling.
We are a home it a fully disabled Army combat wounded veteran with the inability to work. So, you're talking... #intervert , #PTSD , extra #Depression because he is still able to work in his mind and told he can't, #TraumaticBrainInjury , #PhysicalMedium , #SleepApnea , #closterphobic (in certain situations), #HearingLoss ... and what other #Undiagnosed issues he had prior.. besides #temperment . To add to it... the oldest (teenager) in our home also has a variety of issues...#ADHD , #Merld , #GAD , #undiagnosedasd , #odd , #RaynoldsSyndrome , #mildDyslexia , #boarderlineBiploar ... #sensitive #empath
Next, a seven year old. He is Super tall for his age and has tons of #growthspurts along with everything else. He is a #SensitiveEmpath with #PTSD and signs of #SPD (#SensoryProcessingDisorder ). He may also have #auditoryprocessing issues. He receives #OT , #St , and #SociaWork services.
Next is a smart, stubborn, five year old; and a smart, overly active three year old. You are lucky if they keep their shoes on most the time anywhere. 💯🤪🤣
With all the professional knowledge from my college years (associates degree) and learning from friends I have in the higher up professions of environmental control, Industrial Hygene, constitutional attorney... it also makes me not want to play along with all the chaos that occurs in our current world, let alone make my kids participate.
Healthcare facilities are being able to break all laws, oaths, and rules they want currently because the ADA is doing nothing just as OSHA has been doing. Instead of helping prevent illness, they are spreading it more. They refused my 7yo this summer from a tick bite, instead of looking at his hip to see it if was #LymeDisease that required antibiotics. Then, I had to fight with them at ER showing my wide knowledge to get my child help.. stressing us out in the process. He was so #anxious the was tightly gripped on my arm as we wanted the room to get seen. He needed #antibiotics .
Recently, my husband whom had a #spinesurgery last year was to be seen by his primary #NP . She refused a virtual appointment, and refused to see him in person without a mask 😷. He knows masks at these levels don't work for virual (#mocksuits #biochemicalsuits ), gets #clisterphobic , aren't going by #FederalPPEGuidlines , and already is having issues breathing (#musclespasms around his esophagus and #lockjaw ). He asked if they ever tried breathing through a pillow because it is how he will feel with a mask on if he here to wear one. (Plus. Some of those are put together in dirt.. and dipped in chemicals.) My husband was terminated of their care and not allowed to come back to #Bronson . When he got looking at our chart information... our WHOLE family was #terminatedofcare from #BronsonHealthSystem .

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#odd #GAD #Bipolar1 #Reframeyourbrain

I stumbled across my glass disco ball (flashing in pic). It has a cool clear, thick outer bulb . Inside those bulbsInner lights throw endless sparkles across, around, and upward. The colors: red &green, the. Colors I had convinced myself were symbolic of evil & sadness. Many months later I accepted I was ok with my anxiety being triggered and I then realized, this disco bulb .. … bu light was a gift from a dear friend. How dare I not celebrate this gift, given to me in friendship. Yeh, I feel rumbles of anxiety and I tell myself it’s ok to feel but I’m going to enjoy this beautiful, stunning red and green light show, ( it gives my room an untherworlly feel. )

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Another way to look at my life!!

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted, but I seen this pic & I had to post it! I just wanted to share this with everyone bcuz it's made me realize that life is only what we choose to make it & just bcuz we have physical or mental health issues doesn't mean we have to let them speak for who we are as human beings & define our lives! So here's to my Mighty 💪 family, I hope you enjoy it!! 🙋✌💕💪😈 #Bipolar Disorder #social anxiety #PTSD #OCD #odd #CPTSD

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You've Got This!

No matter where you are on your journey, you are better than you were yesterday. If you aren't, that is ok too. Give yourself a break. You are human, not a robot!
You will have good days and bad days. Look back and see how far you have come. Even the smallest amount of time. Look back to this morning, an hour ago or even 5 minutes. You have survived up to this point and that, my friends, makes you amazing in my eyes.

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Disability
#Depression #Anxiety #GAD #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #ASD #odd #ADHD