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How to stop being late to everything?

Since I was diagnosted with BPD, I started being late to more and more appointments. While the years from school until 24 I was always a bit early. I really want to go back to being that person again, but how.. it now seems impossible. #struggle #Advice #Tips #Strategy


Ways I cope and things I do to improve my mental /and physical health and well-being (everyone is an individual)

When I'm having a bad day mentally and physically in a flare up I'm going to share some small tips /things that help me get through the day personally - ***DISCLAIMER **we are all human beings and all individuals, so what works for one person, may not be useful to another. It may be just be down to trail and error. Everyone is different.
When in pain physically apart from taking my usual pain killers, I try to do simple breathing exercises in a calm place where I won't be disturbed.
When having a bad mental health day I may try to sleep it off, clean bits in the house or I find reading or journaling helpful. #copingwithararedisease #Strategy #CopingMechanism


What's Your Exit Strategy?

How do you remove yourself from an #anxious situation without entirely giving up on the #experience or #event? During social #Events with family and friends, my exit #Strategy is finding another room or area (even outside sometimes) when I can take a #mental #break. It's a chance for me to collect myself and #reflect on what factors caused my #Anxiety and what factors helped to neutralize it. A causing factor for me is usually a large number of people at the event, whereas the neutralizing factor is usually the #Comfort of having someone close to me at the event who I can rely on to #Support me. What's your exit strategy?


What is your go to for relief when you are anxious out of the blue?

I am not a worrier by nature, I don't find myself sitting up at night thinking about my future, or events, etc. I live in the moment and seem to not overthink or stress too much. It is the sporadic anxiety that gets me. The middle of sleep panic, the out of nowhere anxiety that I find myself dealing with. How do you cope with this kind of fear? #panic #anxeity #cope #Strategy

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What is your favourite #Strategy you use to distract yourself from #Hearingvoices #Depression #SuicidalThoughts #Anxiety

i like to communicate with others who are struggling and think up some new tips together. These strategies can be anything from grooming a horse to writing to a lover or friend