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How to escape the constant re-enactments in one's head

My thoughts disappeared. Having many flashbacks of abuse through my life, they seem to define who I am.
Has anyone here heard of ketamine therapy for C-PTSD

#who am I

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IF US Supreme Court Overturns Roe, The US Is IN Violation of International Charter on Human Rights

In 2018, the United Nations Human Rights council clarified that the obligation of the International Declaration of Human Rights includes the right to access to abortion services. In fact even further guidance suggests that not doing so is a violation of various treaties that have been signed internationally that are legally binding. Treaties regarding women's rights and equality all explicitly and inherently include this fundamental right in the very nature of their existence and all signatories (of which the United States is one on many of such international treaties) are legally bound to this obligation.

Further guidance released by the United Nations states "Human rights bodies have provided clear guidance on the need to decriminalize abortion. Ensuring access to these services in accordance with human rights standards is part of State obligations to eliminate discrimination against women and to ensure women’s right to health as well as other fundamental human rights."

In addition, General comment No. 36 (2018) on article 6 of the

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, on the

right to life states in section 8 that "Although States parties may adopt measures designed to regulate voluntary

terminations of pregnancy, such measures must not result in violation of the right to life of a pregnant woman or girl, or her other rights under the Covenant. Thus, restrictions on the

ability of women or girls to seek abortion must not, inter alia, jeopardize their lives, subject them to physical or mental pain or suffering which violates article 7, discriminate against

them or arbitrarily interfere with their privacy. States parties must provide safe, legal and effective access to abortion where the life and health of the pregnant woman or girl is at

risk, and where carrying a pregnancy to term would cause the pregnant woman or girl substantial pain or suffering, most notably where the pregnancy is the result of rape or

incest or is not viable. [8] In addition, States parties may not regulate pregnancy or abortion in all other cases in a manner that runs contrary to their duty to ensure that women and girls

do not have to undertake unsafe abortions, and they should revise their abortion laws accordingly. [9] For example, they should not take measures such as criminalizing pregnancies by unmarried women or apply criminal sanctions against women and girls undergoing abortion [10] or against medical service providers assisting them in doing so, since taking such measures compel women and girls to resort to unsafe abortion. States parties should not introduce new barriers and should remove existing barriers [11] that deny effective access by women and girls to safe and legal abortion [12], including barriers caused as a result of the exercise of conscientious objection by individual medical

providers. [13] States parties should also effectively protect the lives of women and girls against the mental and physical health risks associated with unsafe abortions. In particular,

they should ensure access for women and men, and, especially, girls and boys, [14] to quality and evidence-based information and education about sexual and reproductive health [15] and to a wide range of affordable contraceptive methods, [16] and prevent the stigmatization of women and girls seeking abortion.[17] States parties should ensure the

availability of, and effective access to, quality prenatal and post-abortion health care for women and girls, [18] in all circumstances, and on a confidential basis. [19]"

Unrestricted access to abortion is a human right and the moment the court finalizes this, they become internationally illegitimate criminals.

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#who am I now?

Hello everyone , I am new to this group. Reading everyone's thoughts and questions has given me the courage to try it for myself of which I am very grateful to you all.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015 after my operation I developed a bad infection. I was given lots of antibiotics however, they were not the right ones . Once they had realised that this was the case they prescribed the correct ones . Once the infection cleared I started radiation treatment. Near the end of my radiation everything started to change. I was so poorly with a cluster of symptoms that overlapped each other ,within 5 years i found out I have #Vasculitis , urticaria vasculitis, #chronicfatiguesyndrome .#PsoriaticArthritis , #Anxiety and #Depression . Looking back i have always struggled with fatigue and mental health , I was always poorly as a child and I have never finished anything i.e school, college, jobs never lasting long because i just shut down. Its not for the lack of trying as I have always tried very hard with everything , some may say I try to hard to prove that I can do things and they are probably right. I am now 45 years of age , incapable of working , I have terrible brain fog and my short term memory is non existent. If I am completely honest I have no idea who I am anymore , im not sure if I did before . I can put all the energy I have into hiding my feelings just so nobody fusses and I focus on my loved ones to help me through the days. They hate seeing me in pain as I cannot hide the physical side of my illnesses and that breaks my heart. The truth is im so lost , I just dont know what to do. I also understand that if I can find the strength for my loved ones , why can I not find it for myself . I get in my own way I know I do ..this is the first time I have said this to anyone .. its a start at least. Thank you again for this opportunity.

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Happy New Year #good luck #from #water bear #who #Lives #in #the UK

Here's wishing a rehabilative and prosperous New Year to all sentient beings (fauna and flora) and also to all inanimate objects (just in case they have souls too - well one never knows 😳🙄😊🤓🦠) . Take care all on here 🤗 x .

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#who Am I Really?

I'm gay. I've known it since I was young, but growing up back then, there wasn't a lot of literature or social media about LGBTQ. So now there's a lot more info out there. The more I learn about being trans, I wonder if I might be. I'm just not sure, but I know I've always "felt" like my father's son. This is the first time that I've told anyone. How do I really know? Thanks for hearing me out.


#Worst day

#I thought I'd got level at least not constantly at war with myself! #who was I kidding I'm still me,me with #all the pain, anger and crushing self hate