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Sleep clinic

I am going to a in clinic sleep test on Friday as I have always struggled with sleep. As I write this it's 2:27 am and I have to be up in 6 hours to take my car to get. I am so nervous but excited to get answers of what I do or not do while I sleep. I'm just kind of upset that I can't bring my leg pillow, my head pillow and stuffy. Or my favourite blanket. I been waking up the last couple of years with migraines. I am thinking it's from not getting enough oxygen in or out. I am a very shallow breather. My dad has a big-pap machine as he is a chronic smoker and overweight his lungs don't get enough oxygen out. And my mom and grandmother both struggle with sleep. Been off all sleep medications besides natural ones, 7 years. Ones my mom's friend makes as melatonin gives me nightmares and shakes. And I'm not even taking what Wendi makes as they said for my head to be "clear" as possible 12 days without anything. And last 4 year's I've been sleeping with meditation music on so that's going to be hard. Or a window open for last 15 year's or so. And I'm so hoping they can put a fan in my room so I don't overheat. And have some noise to help me besides silence.
And I've always experienced night terrors, shakes, body twitches and spasms ever since my assaults in my early years. Then I started using stimulants off and on from 21-30 and drank heavily from 13-26 but sober from everything now. And my mom said as soon as like 9pm rolled around even as a kid she would see me ready to go. Anyways...
And I just am looking forward to the results but nervous and scared as I hate even my letter watching me sleep. And now it's a doctor and his nurse and a bunch of machines. Any suggestions to those who've had done sleep clinic before?
I haven't really told anyone about this test, my family know and that's it.
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To sleep or not to sleep , that is the question #ChronicFatigue #Painsomnia #twistedbowel

How do you explain to others your struggle with sleep ? Im going through stages of sleeping around 12-14 hours a day. Constantly exhausted, only awake to work and do most basic tasks. Problem is when body is in a lot of pain, I cannot sleep through it , stabbing pain isn't relaxing. Im then even more exhausted as I havent had recovery time. Tips welcome #wideawakeclub


Very much awake! #Cantsleep

Feeling so very awake and guilty. We made it out to my parents for dinner and it was excellent but I'm now exhausted and feeling really guilty my husband does so much for me and I can see things starting to get to him. I feel guilty a lot of the time anyway, but it's particularly bad right now and I think I'll be in for another sleepless night #Sleeplessnight #wideawakeclub #Feelingsad

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I just want to sleep! But I have tintis and it's driving me mental. So instead I'm snuggled on the couch in my blanket with a hat on watching re-runs of the bill. :') #Deafness #wideawakeclub #Awake #Sleep #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth

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Try counting sheep

Im awake at 3:30 am and this song by the eels is whats in my head right now. I hate that everytime I cant sleep is when I have stuff to do the next day. Why can't my mind pull an all nighter when theres absolutely nothing to do the next day❓❓
If there is anyone else up what is your current thoughts?

#Anxiety #Depression #wideawakeclub #OtherMentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Epilepsy

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who likes music? 🎧 🎶

I love music, and the therapy it provides.. specifically Billie Eilish, I am obsessed with her and her music.

what songs do you love? love to hate? hate to love? what can you play over and over and never get sick of? #Music #musictherapy #question #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #wideawakeclub #Insomnia #Depression #Support #Selfcare #tellmeaboutyou

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