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Why nobody is here answering my posts?...No comment,any advice..?? Do you hear me?..No,Just like in this crazy Real world, here is too self centered..

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Too funny not to share #Giggles #CheerMeOn

This is just for fun.

In light of our toilet paper shortage because of STUPID panic buying by silly silly people.

I saw this and borrowed it. But I'm not giving it back because its way too funny. I have tears of joy rolling down my cheeks I'm laughing so much....

I hope it brings you a smile a little chuckle a moment of joy or a little giggle. #CheckInWithMe #DistractMe #52SmallThings #RareDisease #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #AMillionLittleThings #lovingmyselfagain #Chronicpainwarrior #laughingisthebestmedicine #Giggles #chronic Gastritis #ChronicIllness #Emotions



whenever someone makes fun of me or tell me they don't like me I get sad and angry, but more than being angry on them I get angry on myself for being so emotionaly vulnerable. are my feelings justified?
#why #feelings #MoodDisorders #AMillionLittleThings #shy


Do certain tv shows/movies trigger your anxiety and/or depression?

As I was searching for something new to watch this past weekend, I discovered this new show on ABC called A Million Little Things. After the first ten minutes or so, I knew I probably shouldn’t keep watching, but I did... as well as the next 10 episodes (on Hulu). I cried. A LOT. But it also made me think. If anyone has watched, what are your thoughts on how they’re portraying mental illness, specifically depression? #TriggerWarnings #Depression #AMillionLittleThings


#AMillionLittleThings and Taking #Medication

I just finished the first season of “A Million Little Things” and I was curious to see what people here thought about one part in particular. Spoilers if you’re watching!
I generally really liked the show. I thought they handled a lot of things (especially suicide and depression) well. But there was one scene when Rome and Regina are discussing the medication he’s taking now and he says “I want to get off the meds.” It felt like it was being said like taking medication was bad and the goal of getting on is to get off.

As someone who is just starting to look into taking an anti-depressant it made me feel like the idea of taking medication was a bad thing you had to quickly get off of, when I know plenty of people who have been taking something for years now. I don’t believe this myself, but I was curious what others felt about this depiction.

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