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Mercer County NAMI Walk

Hi Everyone! I am not sure where any of you are located, but on May 18th 2024 there is a National Alliance of Mental Health walk that I participate in every year.
I was wondering if there is anyone here who would like to join my team? My team is The Mighty Minds. :) We will walk to help stigma on Mental Illness. If anyone would like to join or donate to my team I will put the link below.

It would be so cool to have you guys there. I'd love for anyone to be a part of Mighty Minds!!!

If the link doesn't work you can message me on here and we will figure it out. I'd love for you to join. ❤️

#MentalHealth #BipolarDepression #Depression #Anxiety #CushingsSyndrome #OpticNeuritis #MultipleSclerosis #Steroids #Sarcoidosis

NAMIWalks Mercer County

I'm supporting NAMI!
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Predisone Side Effects

Earlier in Febuary I got the flu. As I was recovering I started to slowly lose my vision. I was taken to the hospital where we found out I have optic neuritis. Which than later turned into bilateral optic neuritis spreading to both eyes. I was in so much pain and they put me on IV steroids for about 7 days. I then got to go home and take them orally. I started with 80 mg for two weeks and am tapering down to 0. Currently on 30mg. The side effects are making me very depressed. I've gained so much weight in my mid section, neck, and face. I have to have a low sugar and low carb diet to prevent ny blood sugar from spiking. My hair is falling out in clumps. My back hurts, I'm shaky, I'm CONSTANTLY sweating, insomnia, acne on my shoulders, water retention.... you name it.
And still.... we don't know what caused my body to develop optic neuritis. They are doing so many tests for autoimmune. L.. but I just eant answers because I want to see clearly again and not have so much pain.
This is my MOON FACE. I am so scared that it may never go back to normal. I feel so self conscious because when I see people i know they obviously notice how much weight I've gained. #OpticNeuritis #MoonFace #Steroids #MentalHealth #AutoimmuneDisorder #MultipleSclerosis #ChronicIllness

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Wellness Wednesday: Steroid-Induced Diabetes

Steroid-induced diabetes occurs when blood sugar levels rise unexpectedly in response to the use of steroids. In both steroid-induced diabetes and type 2 diabetes, your cells do not respond to insulin.

When people with diabetes have too much cortisol in their system, their fat and muscle cells become less responsive to insulin. Before deciding on a treatment, it’s important for a healthcare professional to check your health and your potential for high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and insulin resistance. For some people, it might be possible to treat steroid-induced diabetes with just diet and physical activity, but others may need oral diabetes medications or insulin.

A person's environment and genes can both affect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

You may be more likely to get type 2 diabetes after taking steroids long-term if you:

🔹have close family members with type 2 diabetes
🔹have overweight
🔹developed diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
🔹have polycystic ovary syndrome
🔹are 40 years or older and white
🔹are 25 years or older and are of South Asian, African-Caribbean, or Middle Eastern descent

Symptoms of steroid-induced diabetes are similar to those of type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. In some cases, symptoms of steroid-induced diabetes are not noticeable until blood sugar is significantly high.

Source: Healthline

#DiabetesType2 #prediabetes #DiabetesType1 #Steroids #Health #GestationalDiabetes #ChronicIllness #wellness #Wednesday


Steroids be like…

Tired Severely Dehydrated Me @ midnight: Long day, labs, oncologist, chemo, mini medical emergency, getting yelled at by doctor & pre-op appointment. Let’s go to bed!
Caffeinated Steroids: No!
Me: Yes! I’m exhausted and don’t feel good.
Steroids: Let’s watch cat videos on IG for 4 hours and then read all your lab results on your patient portal.
My cat: Did you say cat videos? Cat videos! Yay! Let’s snuggle and watch cat videos!
Me at 5am: FML pleaassseeee let me rest!?!
Steroids: No!

Moral of the story: If you know they give you steroids on chemo day that mess with your sleep, maybe don’t stop at Starbucks at 4pm. #regrets #Steroids #exhausted


Moon Face #MoonFace #Lupus #Steroids #Prednisone #LupusCystits #Cheeks #lupusawareness #LupusWarriors #Pain #InvisibleIllness

Was recently dx with lupus cystitis they say it’s rare I live in Saint Louis near one of the world’s highly ranked hospital #BarnesJewishHospital and I’m the first case they’ve ever seen in person its when lupus attacks the bladder, I just recently finished a three day course of 3,000mg prednisone and my first dose of cytoxin chemotherapy it’s gotten off to a super rough start haven’t felt well enough to do much more #Fibromyalgia I’m tired but there’s still too much to fight for


Help please #CrohnsDisease #AutoimmuneDiseases #NGTube #elementaldiet #Steroids

So I've been in hospital now for 2 weeks with a bad Crohn's flare up. Unfortunately there is something wrong with my liver function so can not start on infliximab which was the ultimate goal. They've put me on an ng tube which I'm getting used to but have a sore throat and keep gagging on it and it makes my chest feel tight ( I'm asthmatic) Are there any tips on how to stay motivated with the tube, and how to deal with not eating solids whilst everyone around you is. Also I'm on predisolone steroids which I've found is making my skin dry and hair brittle as well as coming out. Is there any advice for this also.


Physical health #CushingsSyndrome #svt #Steroids #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #atopy

Home from hospital now, so happy to see my children. The worst part of all this is how suddenly i become unwell and end up in hospital and have to leave them with someone else. Looks like my heart is the issue, i went into SVT and they had to give me IVs to stablise my heart rate. Looks like it could be cushing syndrome too, and steroid induced diabetes with my blood sugars going above 20. They’re looking more into what’s going on with my heart and I’m now going to be under the cardiologist, as well as the thoracic clinic too with my usual respiratory consultant. Will have occupational therapy, respiratory nurse to visit at home as well as speech and language to help with my voice and swallowing problems. We are going to try and reduce the steroids a bit as currently on 50mg and have been for ages. The weight should start to fall off with the reduction too. My new wheelchair comes tomorrow one i can wheel myself rather than being pushed so will give me some freedom. Been a really awful few months, they want me to do counselling because of how much my life has changed and how limited i now am and they said they can arrange it for me though I already have a private therapist so not sure what I’m going to do yet.

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Steroids and Acne

Does anyone else get acne from steroids? What do you do to counteract it? I never had acne before, an occasional spot around my time of the month but never acne. I started getting steroid injections for my back so I can function and I have developed severe acne, acne vulgaris. I have been off the steroids due to Covid shutting down regular services but I have an appointment next week to restart (and discuss more options). I was on a high dose twice a day of antibiotics which helped the acne but not my body. I switched to spironolactone a couple months ago which has helped me in so many ways. I’m concerned I’m going to get bad all over again. Has anyone had this happen and what did you do to help? #Steroidssuck #BackPain #Acne #acnevulgaris #Steroids #PainManagement #hypermobilityspectrumdisorder

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Question: Steroids and Migraines

(I do not own this photo).
I know steroid tapers and sometimes iv infusions are used to treat intractable migraines. I used to be the girl with daily migraibes lots of hospitalizations and no treatment options that were working. I am one of the lucky few that is a super responder to Aimovig and now live with 2-5 migraines per month and use Ubrelvy for an abortive. I am on other meds for other conditions. Recently I was on a prednisone taper for one of my other conditions and have had a low level "headache" keep building into a full migriane and back down again for almost a week now. I had the worst migriane I have had since started Aimovig 2 yrs ago last night. 3an it was gone. Now experiencing low level "headache" again. It seems like rebound butI haven't been over using ubrelvy because I only get 6 per month! Has anyone had steroids flare their migraines? (I recognize this is not a place to seek medical advice and will also be speaking to my neurologist. #Migraine #ChronicMigraines #Headache #CGRPantibodydrugs #aimovig #Ubrelvy #Steroids #Prednisone