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Predisone Side Effects

Earlier in Febuary I got the flu. As I was recovering I started to slowly lose my vision. I was taken to the hospital where we found out I have optic neuritis. Which than later turned into bilateral optic neuritis spreading to both eyes. I was in so much pain and they put me on IV steroids for about 7 days. I then got to go home and take them orally. I started with 80 mg for two weeks and am tapering down to 0. Currently on 30mg. The side effects are making me very depressed. I've gained so much weight in my mid section, neck, and face. I have to have a low sugar and low carb diet to prevent ny blood sugar from spiking. My hair is falling out in clumps. My back hurts, I'm shaky, I'm CONSTANTLY sweating, insomnia, acne on my shoulders, water retention.... you name it.
And still.... we don't know what caused my body to develop optic neuritis. They are doing so many tests for autoimmune. L.. but I just eant answers because I want to see clearly again and not have so much pain.
This is my MOON FACE. I am so scared that it may never go back to normal. I feel so self conscious because when I see people i know they obviously notice how much weight I've gained. #OpticNeuritis #MoonFace #Steroids #MentalHealth #AutoimmuneDisorder #MultipleSclerosis #ChronicIllness

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Prednisone Side Effects 60mg daily?#MoonFace #weightgain #Acne

I am so anxious to know what I am in for by taking #60mg total of Prednisone daily. How much #Sodium should I limit myself to? Thank you so much 😊


Will 60mg Prednisone Daily cause moon face and weight gain?

I have just started 20mg 3x daily when do side effects appear? Did you gain weight instantly? How much? I am having biopsy for #GiantCellArterisis and I already have body issues. I am petrified of all the side effects. I am also being given it for possible Polymyalgia Rheumatica. If anyone can give me some information I will greatly appreciate it ☀️
#Prednisone #MoonFace


I am so afraid humiliated right now. Anyone who has de this

I have had serious health problems since I was 26 and I am 56!!! I am not going to list them ALL, just the 3 newest ones. Spinal Fusion last August (still in pain) Cement injection into T5, and the cherry on top =suspected #temporal Arteritis! I had #crp Labs and SED Rate 3 days ago and will get results tomorrow. I feel shitty enough about myself anyway so being on #Prednisone ( on 20mg 2x daily. I am petrified of getting #MoonFace I am not a vain person, but I cannot handle people asking me why I am so fat! I already have Depression and Anxiety so being humiliated about ANOTHER

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Moon Face #MoonFace #Lupus #Steroids #Prednisone #LupusCystits #Cheeks #lupusawareness #LupusWarriors #Pain #InvisibleIllness

Was recently dx with lupus cystitis they say it’s rare I live in Saint Louis near one of the world’s highly ranked hospital #BarnesJewishHospital and I’m the first case they’ve ever seen in person its when lupus attacks the bladder, I just recently finished a three day course of 3,000mg prednisone and my first dose of cytoxin chemotherapy it’s gotten off to a super rough start haven’t felt well enough to do much more #Fibromyalgia I’m tired but there’s still too much to fight for


I hate predinose... #Medication #Lupusflare

I was diagnosed at a young age, ive been living with lupus since I was 11, I’m 25 now. I have never completely come off of predinose in those years. But this last year I was only a few months away from going off it. I’ve had pretty much all side effects from predinose; weight gain, AVN, andrenal glad issues...
Last week I had my lupus appointment and my lupus is flaring. I haven’t had a big flare like this since I was 19. My doc upped my predinose and all fears of the side effects are really on my mind... even with sleep meds I didn’t sleep tonight and I’m not tired...
I just wish I could have a normal body... #Lupus #MoonFace #LupusNephritis


Does anyone know how to get rid of prednisone acne?

I’ve been on #Prednisone for over a month now and they are just starting to taper me off of it... but it’s giving me the worst acne I’ve ever had... not to mention the full on #MoonFace...

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Going to yet another appointment tomorrow. It’s been four years since I got “sick.” What even is the point anymore. They can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I want to live but not the life of a stranger, that’s currently happening. A mind, body, & face I don’t even recognize. I’m sure I’ll go in tomorrow & sob & tell my story & leave without anything. Do I even have anything to start with. At 25 I feel like my life is over & I’ll never get it back. #MedicalMystery #Depression #weightgain #BrainFog #MoonFace #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MuscleWasting #FacialParalysis #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #RaynaudsDisease