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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Will 60mg Prednisone Daily cause moon face and weight gain?

    I have just started 20mg 3x daily when do side effects appear? Did you gain weight instantly? How much? I am having biopsy for #GiantCellArterisis and I already have body issues. I am petrified of all the side effects. I am also being given it for possible Polymyalgia Rheumatica. If anyone can give me some information I will greatly appreciate it ☀️
    #Prednisone #MoonFace

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    I am so afraid humiliated right now. Anyone who has de this

    I have had serious health problems since I was 26 and I am 56!!! I am not going to list them ALL, just the 3 newest ones. Spinal Fusion last August (still in pain) Cement injection into T5, and the cherry on top =suspected #temporal Arteritis! I had #crp Labs and SED Rate 3 days ago and will get results tomorrow. I feel shitty enough about myself anyway so being on #Prednisone ( on 20mg 2x daily. I am petrified of getting #MoonFace I am not a vain person, but I cannot handle people asking me why I am so fat! I already have Depression and Anxiety so being humiliated about ANOTHER

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    Was recently dx with lupus cystitis they say it’s rare I live in Saint Louis near one of the world’s highly ranked hospital #BarnesJewishHospital and I’m the first case they’ve ever seen in person its when lupus attacks the bladder, I just recently finished a three day course of 3,000mg prednisone and my first dose of cytoxin chemotherapy it’s gotten off to a super rough start haven’t felt well enough to do much more #Fibromyalgia I’m tired but there’s still too much to fight for

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    I hate predinose... #Medication #Lupusflare

    I was diagnosed at a young age, ive been living with lupus since I was 11, I’m 25 now. I have never completely come off of predinose in those years. But this last year I was only a few months away from going off it. I’ve had pretty much all side effects from predinose; weight gain, AVN, andrenal glad issues...
    Last week I had my lupus appointment and my lupus is flaring. I haven’t had a big flare like this since I was 19. My doc upped my predinose and all fears of the side effects are really on my mind... even with sleep meds I didn’t sleep tonight and I’m not tired...
    I just wish I could have a normal body... #Lupus #MoonFace #LupusNephritis

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    Does anyone know how to get rid of prednisone acne?

    I’ve been on #Prednisone for over a month now and they are just starting to taper me off of it... but it’s giving me the worst acne I’ve ever had... not to mention the full on #MoonFace...

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    Going to yet another appointment tomorrow. It’s been four years since I got “sick.” What even is the point anymore. They can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I want to live but not the life of a stranger, that’s currently happening. A mind, body, & face I don’t even recognize. I’m sure I’ll go in tomorrow & sob & tell my story & leave without anything. Do I even have anything to start with. At 25 I feel like my life is over & I’ll never get it back. #MedicalMystery #Depression #weightgain #BrainFog #MoonFace #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MuscleWasting #FacialParalysis #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #RaynaudsDisease

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    Erin Migdol

    Why People Are Sharing Moon Face Prednisone Selfies for Dynamo

    “Moon face,” or the round face some people get while using steroids like prednisone, is a common and sometimes difficult side effect of chronic illness. Though opening up about how hard it can be when your face changes shape isn’t always easy, many chronic warriors have taken to Twitter to show off their own moon face in support of another in the community. British magician Dynamo (real name: Steven Frayne), posted a video on Twitter Tuesday, explaining that he has kept a “low profile” recently because he’s been sick with food poisoning, which was exacerbated by his Crohn’s disease. He also said he’s developed a “bad type of arthritis” that has affected all the joints in his body, and acknowledged how his appearance has been affected. “As you can probably see my appearance has changed quite a bit due to all the medication,” he said. “I’m on quite a lot of tablets, and all the medication has caused me to put on quite a lot of extra body weight as well as a rash that’s all over my head. It’s actually all over my body but thankfully you guys don’t have to see that.” Thank you for all the kind support. Here’s a little update on the situation. #roadtorecovery #iwillbeback— Dynamo (@Dynamomagician) March 27, 2018 Fans quickly noticed that Frayne’s appearance seemed consistent with “moon face,” especially since prednisone is a common treatment for Crohn’s disease. Melanie Maddison, who uses the Twitter handle @GiftedHand, and her friend Sarah Phillips started the hashtag #moonfaceforDynamo to encourage others to share. Not yet, but the giggles are good medicine tonight. It’s been a long day! #moonfacefordynamo ? Anyone else want to chime in and create a good one?— GiftedHand (@GiftedHand) March 27, 2018 Maddison told The Mighty she uses self-portraiture photography as a medium to help her deal with challenges due to her inflammatory bowel disease, and she’s been documenting changes to her appearance for a while. She said Frayne’s bravery inspired awareness and an open dialogue, and she felt moved to longer hide or feel so shamed, and encourage others to share, too. “There’s so much pressure from the wellness world online to stay away from pharmaceuticals and do it all naturally,” she said. “Sometimes, though, we have absolutely no choice but to medicate or end up dangerously unwell and hospitalized.” Twitter users began posting their own moon face selfies to support Frayne and raise awareness of Crohn’s disease and other chronic illnesses. #moonfacefordynamoBefore and afterCrohns is not fun it is painful and can ruin anyone’s life@Dynamomagician we all stand with you— joshua pitman (@PitmanJoshua) March 27, 2018 Just remembering it’s the face that changes not the person Here’s my flaring and remission pics #moonfacefordynamo #AlwaysBeKind ❤️ @Dynamomagician— ???? Vicki Grant (@queenvickig) March 28, 2018 @Dynamomagician #moonfacefordynamo @thismorning @Schofe @hollywills— Kimmi Robinson (@MissKimmi82) March 28, 2018 #moonfacefordynamo ❤️ #IBD #CCUK— Alice Tulip – Bristol UK (@blcktulipbeauty) March 28, 2018 #moonfacefordynamo— Charlie (@charliepavitt) March 28, 2018 Share your ‘moon face’ photos to raise awareness of #Crohns and #Colitis and show support for @Dynamomagician! #moonfacefordynamo— Crohn’s & Colitis UK (@CrohnsColitisUK) March 28, 2018 #moonfacefordynamo we all feel your pain, but we will get better soon! I wish you all the best @Dynamomagician— Adriana São Vicente (@Dricatica) March 28, 2018 In Nov 2017, I was diagnosed with #ulcerativecolitis – basically a pretty nasty Inflammatory Bowel Disease. To treat this, I’ve been on steroids for 16 weeks which give people #moonface So I’m sharing this #moonfacefordynamo to show just one side effect of the dreaded steroids!— Michelle Byrne (@MissMByrne) March 28, 2018 Sharing to raise awareness of #crohnsdisease & #ulcerativecolitis & support @Dynamomagician. I weigh less in the first picture, but you can’t tell by the moon face. #moonfacefordynamo#moonface #steriods #prednisone #ibd #inflammatoryboweldisease #spoonie @CrohnsColitisUK— TheMisadventuresOfASpoonie (@the_spoonie) March 28, 2018 Prednisone, a corticosteroid that helps calm inflammation, causes “moon face” through weight gain and redistributing fat deposits to areas like the face, back of the neck and abdomen. It typically goes away within a few weeks of stopping prednisone. Last year, “Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland revealed that she uses a roller tool on her face to deal with moon face, though she admitted, “I don’t know if it actually works.”