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    How do I navigate unlawful termination?

    This was my 4th job I’ve been fired from since being diagnosed.
    When I say diagnosed it’s not just my Mixed Connective tissue disease, I have bipolar disorder, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder, and depression.
    I had been sick a few times within 4 months and actually felt I was doing well adjusting to a sales line of work I had never done it before. I’m typically in administrative positions.
    Continuing on; I had enough when my manager tried to make a joke about me wearing a dress one day and reported him. I was told he had been written up.
    Since that day my performance was scrutinized repeatedly I was made fun of because I stopped using alcohol. - my flares were out of control.
    I was told I wasn’t a team player but also since I didn’t volunteer to move hot tubs around I had lost “points in the game which my coworker had been winning” at the time. (I was unaware of a game)
    Two days later I was terminated for “not following policies and procedures.”
    I have tried contacting an attorney which I have been informed many times there’s a conflict of interest , the EEOC which the soonest appointment available is in mid May 2023.
    I need help- I’m not married, I don’t have savings. Why was I the one let go?
    #MixedConnectiveTissueDiseaseMCTD #PTSD #Fibromyalgia #AnxietyDisorder #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder

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    Chloe, my little star #Cat #AnxietyDisorder

    My newest baby, Chloe, will be 1 year old in a few weeks and has finally learned to jump up on the counters. She’s in love with my bathroom sink.

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    My latest step in a long journey #psoriaticarthritis #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #AnkylosingSpondylitis #AnxietyDisorder #Widow

    I just had CMC Arthroscopy surgery on my left thumb on Monday. NO use of my thumb for 6 weeks but the stitches come out next Tuesday. I feel like such a slug for not doing things around my house but when I try it starts hurting. 😥I have to keep my hand raised above my heart until the stitches come out which is awkward.
    Then yesterday the Memory Care where my Mother lives needed me to bring her some new slippers. I did but it was painful and very tiring. I’m also struggling to send emails and scan documents to start probate on my Stepfather’s estate (for my Mother).
    Life is difficult and it never seems to let up sometimes…but I know I will manage, albeit slowly, and things will be accomplished. 💜


    Have you ever #Forgotten to take your medicine?

    #Medicine and #Selfcare are very important. Lately I have had some symptoms flare up. Bad memory, and mixing up my medicine as a result of it.

    I feel bad, but I truly believe that I am going to make it through. What about you?



    #Communication #ADHD #Depression #AnxietyDisorder

    In what ways have you successfully communicated to people close to u that u r in need of more support (and gotten what you need)? Bc I have been doing this for over 20 years and no matter how hard I try or how fucking nice I am, they still don’t understand when I need help.


    Is this manipulative or am I thinking too much?

    I am in hospital after overdosing on my psychiatric medicines. It was because of a few events that upsets me, and I got triggered after I try to seek console from my mother and she reply coldly that she cannot do anything to help me. I think she was upset with me because I bring up a mistake that she made but she insist that she didn’t do anything wrong. Usually she would visit me at the hospital. Today my father and younger sister are all free from work, my mother is a housewife. But they went out together and even dine at a restaurant. They posted photos of themselves in the family WhatsApp group. They did not visit me or even give me a text. Yes we live together and they are all aware I’m in hospital. I have a feeling my mother put them up to it because my father and younger sister always listens to her. Is this manipulation? Or am I overthinking?

    I try to ignore it but I still cried. Thoughts of harming myself comes to my mind because I’m upset. They always come to me when they need help. I was also always generous in spending money on them.

    Is kinship really such fragile and meaningless?

    #Depression #anxiety #socialanxiety#anxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #psychosis #psychoticdisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes

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    Is he lier? Scared.

    Got really scared and cried because I think my current psychiatrist has been lying to me. We have the consultation via video call weekly, and he has been promising me a memo for weeks. I requested the memo as a written explanation of why the hospital banned me from seeing my previous psychiatrist one year ago. He’s aware that I wrote a complaint to the ministry for the ban. I intend to use the memo as supporting document in case the hospital twist their words again. Maybe I sound schizophrenic or delusional because I talk suspiciously about the hospital and doctors, but many of their actions have really made me unable to trust them again. It’s difficult to list out everything they have said and done because the issue has been throughout a whole one year. So two weeks ago, he read the memo to me in the video call, and said he would get his assistant to email me a copy. I broke down and cry because the reasons given are so ridiculous and I felt scared and bullied by them. I told him I would still proceed to pursue the case with the ministry. Last week, I told him I did not receive the email for the memo and he claim that the service quality department have took over the case and mailed out the memo to my address. Nope, I didn’t receive it at all. I have a feeling he’s just trying to delay things. It’s worrying because I read about an online feedback about this particular psychiatrist before, the patient wrote that this psychiatrist kept changing his words about the treatment plan and refuse to admit it. There are many reasons in my head about why he and the hospital would have such behaviours towards me, but at the same time I don’t understand why they would treat me those ways because I’m just a nobody and there’s nothing to gain? And I thought medical staffs are kind people? I’m even more worried because he diagnosed me ASD, after I told him and laughed about another psychiatrist giving me the ASD diagnosis. He immediately stopped all my other medicines and only left me with 25mg quetiapine for sleep, and I have been having break downs a lot. Yes, he did let me fill up the autism related questionnaires and I got 29 out of 50, and he said it meant ‘strong autistic traits’. But I’m not confident in him or the questionnaires, and he mentioned this diagnosis can explain why I was so persistent about going back to the previous psychiatrist. Are they trying to label me with Autism so that they can use it against me, to explain to the ministry that I’m complaining because I’m autistic and unable to adapt to changes? To make my complaint look irrational and ‘just a symptom of ASD’?

    #depression #anxiety #SocialAnxiety #AnxietyDisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes


    ASD vs INFP

    Why ASD?
    Could it be I’m just an INFP + Pisces?
    Plus some social anxieties?

    Well, sorry if I sound stupid/arrogant to you… I just don’t feel liberated with the ASD label… This is so worrying!

    #depression #anxiety #socialanxiety #anxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #psychosis #psychoticdisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes

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    Hope you’ll have a fantastic day, and days and days!

    There are people I really can’t forgive but still…
    *writes everybody’s name in the notebook*

    #Depression #anxiety #socialanxiety#anxietydisorder #socialanxietydisorder #dependentpersonalitydisorder #paranoidpersonalitydisorder #avoidantpersonalitydisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #psychosis #psychoticdisorder #delusionaldisorder #autismspectrumdisorder #mentalhealth #selfcare #memes