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#Depression #Bipolar #anxiey #coping #PTSD #OCD #ADHD #BPD

i am feeling extremely depressed and exhausted right therapist told me to use my coping skills so i dont try to sleep through the always asleep..i tried some and feel amazing like i conquered my mind and am feeling more comfortable in this very grateful for my therapist and im glad i listened to her..

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Hospital update 3 #Depression #anxiey #OpenHeartSurgery #PTSD #MentalHealth

Just a quick update. It’s been 3 days since the surgery . By all accounts it went well. One of he biggest challenges is getting the pain meds right. The doctors said the iv of drugs was making me too drowsy. Which I think is code for you were hallucinating about an apple juice alone, quite loudly it seems. The drug induced hallucinations have been very rugged. I am too weak to answer posts I am sorry,

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everything in mind running like zero gravity no stability#anxiey #Depression #overthinking

I am overwhelmed with everything. It's come to a point that even small tasks make me feel like breaking down and crying. Everything is just too much for me now#emotional #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack


#MentalHealth #anxiey #Depression #depressed # happiness #bored

Am a human being , they say. Pushing 30 .no job,no money, heart broken.tired of everything around me. Got used by women many times. Nothing brings me joy . Doing drugs. Taking pills everyday to breathe. Only one good thing is left in me. I want to discuss my condition with people .who would care me .who would text me to ask .am I I okay. Who would be some time.


Will I ever truly believe people?

My therapist has told me time and time again, reassured me constantly and is always reminding me that she’s there for me, she’s got my back, she’s not going anywhere and that she’s not mad at me but no matter how hard I try I cannot get that through my head and truly believe it. I constantly feel like a bother to her and need that reassurance that our relationship is ok and she’s not going anywhere. Will I ever truly be able to believe her. While my logical brain knows accepts and believes her I cannot get me emotional brain to. Will it ever? Any tips or tricks? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #anxiey #Depression #MentalHealth

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Feeling broken and unworthy. #Anxiety

Lately I have been feeling broken. I’m on new anxiety medication which is helping, I’m having more good days, which has been one of the best feelings, compared to were I have been the past few months. While I am having these good days, within the last week I have been feeling broken or unworthy. I personally think it has to do with a guy I have been talking to because I feel that I have been the one reaching out to talk to him. I refused to get a hold of him Monday and today and I have yet to hear from him. I know I should voice my concern regarding this, especially if we continue to see each other but I don’t feel that it’s my place. We’ve only had 2 dates and left on good terms at the end of them. I feel that I am cursed with 2 dates and then the guy ghost me and ignores me until I pick up on the hint that they do not want to talk to me.

I just can’t shake the feeling of thinking that I am broken and that I am only good for a few dates until the guy finds someone better. I’ve tried holding out on meeting guys who sounded great over text because of my superstition and it has still proved me right. I feel unworthy of any guy I start talking to because I don’t think they will like me or that I have to hide who I really am. I shouldn’t be feeling this way and it is making me over think and over analyze every little thing that I do or say to a guy. I wish I didn’t feel like this. #anxiey #overthinking

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Outdoor Adventure

When my anxiety and depression are bad, my favorite things todo include being outside! I’ll go for a run, take a walk, spend time with the animals (yes, and that includes a mini donkey) or just driving around with the windows down and music turned up! There is something so free about Nature that is makes it all better. #MentalHealth #anxiey


Author & Reader Relationship: YOU are why I #keepgoing

There is a very sacred exchange that happens when an author/artist connects with their readers and supporters. I never knew this before. I knew that I felt connected to that author, artist, or musician as a supporter...what I didn't know is that the creator of that piece feels the connection too! I know it for a fact in my life. There have been more times than I could possibly recall that I drew from that well of strength, encouragement and support!
So please, if something I write resonates with you, encourages you or even makes you laugh or smile...please let me know!
YOU'RE the reason at times that I #keepgoing .

#ChronicPain #LymeDisease #Depression #anxiey #Sarcoidosis #RareDiseases #CheckInWithMe