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COVID yuck

My nursing home got COVID, Ahhhh this morning my sixth COVID test I tested positive. So no chemo next Wednesday. I was not mentally prepared for it anyways. My psych meds need to get uped. My roommate and I will be stuck in our room for at least 11 days and then I test again. Anyone have any suggestions on things to do to stay calm during this time. I already ready bible daily devotional books daily devotional emails and am reading a joyce Meyer book right now about how to manage my emotions plus I color. I love video games any games anyone can recommend for the tablet?

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COVID yuck

I got a positive COVID test today. My nursing home has it and I caught it. So no chemo next week in my room for at least 11 says then get tested again


He Sees You

Part 1 of 2 When schools around the country returned to their normal schedules and in-person learning this fall, the normalcy that existed prior to the #COVID19 pandemic did not return with it, as protective measures remained in place for our students and teachers. Most parents, including myself, seem to be supportive of using such measures for our students and teachers, and also as a teacher myself, I am agreeable with using masks and social distancing to keep everyone safe. While I am aware that not all parents and teachers agree with these measures, and there are legitimate reasons as to why these protocols make teaching and learning more challenging, the fact that we all get to be together in the same building and classrooms I feel makes it worth it.  But as the parent of a child with autism, I cannot ignore the fact that being masked in school, during academic class time and also during social interactions, makes life that much more challenging. Add on top of that the fact that I have a non verbal son, for whom communication is that much more difficult, and you can imagine how life is not anything like what we experienced before the pandemic. It is now layered with one more obstacle to connecting with the world.

Being a teacher for many years and now working in special education myself, I reflect on what I see with both typical and atypical students these days, and the ways in which they cope with these requirements. Since I work with younger elementary and preschool students, I find that they have a natural inclination to constantly “fight the system” as it were, such as students who wear the mask but not covering their nose or whole face, those who try getting away with taking it off for a few moments at a time, getting way too close to to their friends during social breaks or snack and lunch time, and be generally messy with letting their masks get food or saliva saturating it. My son, for example, loves chewing things as he has an oral motor fixation, so the mask naturally becomes a chew toy for him, much like the preschool children I observe, who many times have masks that are genuinely soaked. In a strange way, I experience an interesting type of bonding with my younger or more challenged students, as they sometimes require assistance with their masks or in adjusting them. It is in those moments when I as carefully as possible try to help support them without breaking protocol, that I get a glimpse of their faces, their smiles, their hidden facial features that remind me of their uniqueness.

It is in these moments that I reflect back onto my own son, having similar motor and sensory issues that I see with some of the students at my own school, and how he may be having exactly some of the same experiences that they are now.  I think about the ways in which he demonstrates his needing help, which really amounts to him just chewing the mask until someone corrects him, or him taking it off altogether, only to have it gently put back on. I think about the look on his face and how other students and staff react to him, the way I do to the students I teach, and how his infectious smile may affect the ones who work with him daily. The point of sadness that I get to is usually because I think about how incredible of a smile my son has, and now once again due to the mask requirement, that smile is covered. The light that shines from a face that is truly filled with the love of God has a shade placed on it, and a major vehicle for him to connect with others is stifled. This is the same as for all of our special needs children, as whether their communication is challenged or not, their faces are muted, their smiles are silenced, and the divine beauty in all of their faces is not present for all to see.

But we are reminded in these times and experiences about the love of God that still comes through despite these barriers, the same love that invites all of our special needs children to His table, the love that connects us all despite everything. I frequently imagine how He sees our children despite the ways their faces and personalities are covered, and how we as instruments of this love demonstrate that to the young ones we serve. I also imagine what conversations He has with our children and students when we experience the highs and lows of every day during our school days.

I think it would go something like this…

“I have a mask that covers my face, no one can see me under here.”

“It’s alright child, I See You!”

“I can’t show anyone how I’m feeling, because they can’t see my face.!”

“It’s alright child, I See You.”

“No one can see my smile with the mask on, and it’s the best part of me!”

“It’s alright child, I See You.”

“This mask is sweaty and uncomfortable, no on

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Yay, adenovirus

Finally convinced my mom to take me to the doctor after being feverish and sick for a week, and my both of my eyes swelling and getting infected. Negative for strep and covid. Doctor said if I develop a fever again I should come back in because it might be pneumonia and she’s had to send kids to the hospital. But I’m going back to school tomorrow! Haven’t been all week so it’s gonna be a struggle to catch up but I’ll get there 💪 #ChronicIllness #EDS #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

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When you are depressed or in pain what would be the most supportive thing a friend or loved one could say to you? What would be the most comforting?

I can get pretty bad social anxiety these days, and I always fear people will say “What have you been up to…?” I know they would mean well, but the honest answer would be that I've been busy going to doctors, PT & therapy appointments..and practicing self care… treating pain in four parts of my body, off & on for hours each day. But I really don't want our conversation to focus on discussing this…as I often feel a need to explain further, answer the inevitable questions and hear their concern, and often sympathy I’m definitely not looking for!

Even if people say positive things like “You look great!” I think… if they only knew how I feel INSIDE…(I have been dealing with numerous Invisible Illnesses)

Can you relate to these?

What would you like people to stop asking? What have people said that you felt was callous, unsympathetic or uncaring? What words have been the most hurtful?

When you are struggling, what can people say that would help the most? How can they let you know they’ve got your back? What if you could have someone say (or not say) anything you want to make you feel better…What would you want to hear?

Please share your responses to the question(s) that speak to you the most ….your experiences, and what you would (and wouldn't!) like to hear. I find that in hearing other members' responses to them they often could basically be telling my story and we are on similar journeys. I have found this opportunity to empathize with each other here helps me feel less alone!


👍We just went soaring past 2,500 members!👍 It seems that I just posted about 2,222 so recently. I am humbled and grateful that you all have joined me here and are sharing this journey connecting with each other! It’s become more than I even imagined when I started this group a few years ago…let’s keep asking for support, offering it, and empathizing & being there for each other! 🤗🫶🩷🤝👏🤝🙌🤝🩷🫶🤗

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Hi ! There I don’t understand WHY there isnt’t a cure yet for this illness .They can make vaccines for covid and other medicines for illnesses, but not fibromyalgia I’m frustrated I’m tired of dealing with it . Im sick of waking up not to know how I’m going to feel everyday and not knowing how or WHY I came down with this . I used to be a very active person now I just feel like I live in my own jail in my body . Im tired of pain medicine and depression meds that are supposed to help I just want it to go away and not come back anymore.I used to think it wasn’t true but it is and the pain is very real.I just have to figure out where to start and what to stop to get better or at least to begin to live again as normal as possible. Any suggestions on what to do first ?I know I’m not the only one who feels like this . Thank you #frustratedinpain

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Little Victories

I’m actually pretty pleased with myself today.

This morning I went and had my flu and Covid vaccines done. Then I came home and I changed my sheets and bedding, followed by a lovely hot shower, and then I wrote two pages of my novel after being stuck with writer’s block for ages. I’m a little sore after all the movement, but I got through it. All over and done with now - I can rest. 😌😴

My GP is always telling me that I should celebrate every victory - even the itty bitty ones. I’ve made myself a lovely hot chocolate with a dash of Bailey’s Original as a treat, and I’m huddled up with my fluffy hoodie on now, all cosy like.

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Maria555. I'm looking for a support group for people who are dealing with long Covid.

#MightyTogether #Depression #longcovid #Grief

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