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Good Morning ChatSpace #CheckInWithMe

Hello Mighty Family and Friends 👋

Just a little pic of random Funnys hope they make you smile.

Check in with me today tell me how you are doing, what you've been up to.
Good things . Bad things. Positive, negative, blessings, what's going well , not so well.

Anything you want to talk about.

Help each other out in the comments too. Be kind and compassionate , offer up your words support.

ChatSpace is for everyone

Much love Tj 🐤🦓🐶🦄🌸🌾🍌💮💜🧡💛💗😇🙃💞💓💫

#NoJudgment #Kindness #Talking #checkonyourneighbours #compassion #Bekind #Family #Friends #Selfcare #rant #Vent #CAREBox #Bekindtoyourself #Selflove

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Good Morning ChatSpace #CheckInWithMe

Hello 🖐and Good Morning Mighty Family and Friends

How are you today

Life is a lesson
The trick is to
Find out what's it's
Trying to teach you!!

Now that is a good one.
Monday I'd made Muffins. So yesterday I had 20 muffins lol. Far too many. So my task for the day was to give them away. Whilst staying at home.
Mmm 🤔
First neighbour popped round to help cut my grass. She is so lovely. In fact my new neighbour the other side helps me too.
So they both got muffins yesterday, and then the Handy man too who lives at the bottom. I'm trying to get him to fix my blinds. Was doing a new fence.
That left 8.
Not bad
Then I'd set a reminder to get my prescription collected. So phoned up it was in stock. Great. Then I texted the lovely Motorcycle Training School who during lockdown have been volunteering and running around the county on the Bikes delivering meds to us extremely vulnerable. The owner saw it was me and after doing a 15 hour work day popped on her bike and brought my meds. She left after a few puppy kisses in my garden 🐶🐾😘With the last 7 muffins. (5 kids )
I cried that they will keep helping people like me. They don't want me picking up my meds.
I had the last one with my dinner. Job done. I'd only made them to keep myself busy during a bad episode on Monday. It's a distraction I use if I can.
I wish I could hand out my cakes cupcakes muffins etc out on the Mighty. 🧁🧁💚💛🧡💗💓❣💜💙🤗🐶🐾😘
But keeps me busy all day
Have a good day trying to work out what you are being taught today !!!

Tj 🤗😘 #Chatting
#Love #Hugs #talkingtherapy #Vent #rant #Bekind #Bekindtoyourself #checkonyourneighbours #Puppys #NoJudgment #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #Family #Friends #Bekind
#CAREBox #Anxiety