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    Let life surprise you…what’s an obstacle you have that is holding you back from happiness?

    Ever gotten something you wanted, and it didn't give you the happiness you were expecting? Or you got something you didn't want, and you loved it? We assume we know what is good for us but life has a way of surprising us all the time. Does anyone have a story where this sort of unexpected result happened?

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    ideas on things to do while sick

    so I'm on my second week cooped up at home with Pneumonia and it's getting really boring. I don't have a tv in my bedroom so if you have any ideas on what to do while sick besides movies or tv series bring 'em on. my cat is good company but I think I'm starting to bug him a little #Pneumonia #thingstodowhilesick #gettingbored

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    On the year anniversary of my dad’s passing I was comforted by reading these words above, and I felt a cool wind of his spirit engulf and embrace me!

    My Mom sent this to me, she got it from someone in her bereavement group. It is very powerful and was very helpful for me. My Dad’s spirit will always live on for and through me. Like so many others I was blessed to have him in my life. He definitely would have wanted me to move on without him here on this realm but I’m sure he would want me to continue to embrace the memories and experiences we shared together. Last week, on the day he passed away, exactly a year later, we had a small family ceremony and planted a tree in the woods on the land of his house where I grew up with him, in honor of his spirit and how he touched us all. It now sits in the woods directly across the way from where my Dad always sat in the kitchen (and where my Mom does today) viewable through the sliding glass doors. It has heart shaped leaves and turns purple (his favorite color), burgundy, green, and yellow through the seasons and they have begun falling near it.

    Mom was deeply moved by the ceremony. I found it uplifting and joyful, not sad. We scattered his ashes under the tree, around it and throughout the gardens and trees he loved so much around the house! We had previously scattered some of his other ashes where he wanted the lake where he used to fish. Both days brought a little more closure and connection for me.

    Maybe if you have lost a loved one you will find solace and serenity in reading it.

    #Grief #lossofaparent #Joy #happiness #relief #family #caregiving #prayer #gratitude #connection #spirit #sadness #depression #anxiety #ptsd #bipolardepression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthwarrior #Survivor #disability #chronicillness #chronicpain #mightydads #mightypoets #mightytogether #mightyminute #stroke #AtrialFibrillationAndStroke #ChronicObstructivePulmonaryDisease #CongenitalHeartDefectDisease #Pneumonia #Survivor

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    New to group, but very active on The Mighty. Created Multiple Health Challenges group - I myself have many emotional and physical health challenges!

    I am a 56 year old living in Baltimore, MD where I deal with multiple physical and mental health challenges. I am HIV+ and a person Living with AIDS (36 years) and have dealt with Chronic pain (back and neck+), Shingles, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Neuropathy which almost killed me...and the depression that was amplified from dealing with the HIV diagnosis: I have deep experience dealing with pain, worry, fear, Survivor’s Guilt; weeks lost in hospitals, therapy, surgeries, being bedridden and I have lingering symptoms, so I can relate to others with almost any physical health problems that have greatly affected our lives! I am also Bipolar (diagnosed 1982) I have been mostly stable for a few decades with no manic episodes or suicidal depression. I have been hospitalized and had extreme episodes in the past and still deal with depression... so I can relate to most people with mental health problems intimately. And I have been sober for 9.5 years. All these experiences have given me deep empathy and understanding

    Recently I had a big scare as I got Covid and was admitted to the hospital with 12 symptoms and was stuck in a hospital bed totally dependent on others for 8 days, then I went to a rehab facility where I basically started to learn to walk again. After intense PT there, home PT and outpatient PT I got my strength and balance back and now can go on 45 minute walks and I just rejoined a local gym to continue my recovery! Unfortunately now I am dealing with the residual side effect from Covid Long Haul with regular and intense migraines. These were very bad for a number of months and often had me stuck in the dark with no sound from waking up until bedtime, but with all the meds and other treatments they have become less frequent and less intense so if I get one I often can get it to clear in 5 hours or so... but that still takes away a whole day out of my life...BUT.... I'm still alive and once again a warrior and survivor!

    #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #HIVAIDS #Addiction #SOBER #COVID19 #Migraine #PTSD #BipolarDepression #PeripheralNeuropathy #BackPain #Shingles #Pneumonia #Bronchitis #MentalHealthHero #happy #relief #Grief #LossOfAParent #AddictionRecovery #Bipolar1Disorder #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Disability #MultipleHealthChallenges #MightyMinute #longtermsurvivor #MightyQuestions #Hope #thankful #grateful #Acceptance #Selflove #Selfcare #IfYouFeelHopeless #Hope #strength #relief


    Can’t make it tonight for virtual session

    I’m in the hospital. Had fever of 101.8 earlier. Looks like I have #Pneumonia from swallowing problems from #ThyroidCancer

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    Survival is a challenge, a journey, a mountain, a summit, a success, then I'm thankful, then a smile and then...simple flight!

    Sometimes just surviving, in and of itself is a massive victory. Sometimes it’s the best you can do...sometimes it's the only thing you can do...sometimes it's the hardest thing you can do....but it is always the most important thing you can do. It's not always easy, often a battle with ourselves, often a fight against the odds, and sometimes giving up would be the easiest thing to do. But I won't stop fighting. I am a survivor. I will never give up, I will push through, I will do whatever it takes, I will succeed when failure seems like the only option...

    #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #HIVAIDS #PTSD #PeripheralNeuropathy #Shingles #Pneumonia #Bronchitis #cdeficile #SurvivorsGuilt #AddictionRecovery #Addiction #SOBER #COVID19 #Migraine #ChronicHeadaches #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #MentalHealth #MentalHealthHero #Survivor #Faith #happy

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    On losing a father…”At peace by his side”… last moments together before he died

    I’m with my dad right now … and the lights are low as I sit by his bedside. He is curled up in bed in a fetal position with his back towards me very close to the edge. I’ve created a wall of pillows tucked behind him so he hopefully won’t roll off the bed. When we tried to move him I could barely lift him and we only got his head more on the pillow. Mom is giving him morphine somewhat regularly now and he gets a little water too, both with a syringe. He moans if you touch his bad foot or mom touches his shoulder wrong. Earlier tonight my Mom sat with him for a while and kissed his forehead which was a beautiful moment. I loved to see this... it was so bittersweet but so loving. I was able to hold his hand between mine for a while and gave some squeezes. It was a powerful moment with deep connection! Now I love just being here.

    Yet he has moaned and screams quietly spontaneously. Mom can ask him if he wants water or painkillers but he only mumbles and she has to make it a yes/no question. He hasn’t eaten regular hard food in 6 weeks going back to when he was in the hospital for 2.5 weeks with a feeding tube. He moved on to chicken broth, Gatorade and jello when he got home, but it’s only water now.

    So the lights are dimmed down low like he likes it and it’s very calm and subdued now in complete silence. I have actually watched his belly go up and down just to see that he is still alive… but just now he is snoring! He seems very much at peace and I hope he passes this way. I’m unpacked, and spread out downstairs, planning to be here 3-4 days for my mom or as long as she wants/needs me. The nurse aid will be here soon so I’ll relinquish my spot in this room and watch some TV and hope I can sleep. I’ve been up so late at home during the last week worrying about him. I haven't slept well and sometimes have hours of insomnia. It's even harder here now when he is upstairs, because I know I can get a scream or call to come up at any time which is an almost overwhelming thought... However it’s nice to be here in his last moments (I really hope it’s not days as he is definitely suffering when he’s awake)

    I have not broken down in tears today, although I started once. I’m actually too drained to cry and it’s odd because this past Saturday I had what I thought were my goodbye moments. I spoke with him then and he acknowledged me although not in conversation. I cried there with him. I didn't hold back. Then he looked me in the eye and smiled.

    (Dad passed away five days later with me on one side holding his hand; Mom curled up next to him on the other side as we sung Hebrew & Native American prayers together; my sister & brother at the foot of the bed; and with my little sister there from 1,000 miles away on speaker phone on the pillow next to him. He died peacefully in no pain) Written last October. Reposted from 7/14… #Grief #LossOfAParent #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #ChronicObstructivePulmonaryDisease #Pneumonia #Disability #BipolarDisorder


    Back to back Pneumonia

    Sunday woke up with fever chills and body aches. Once again, pneumonia even though 10 days before had that clean X ray. It's possibly because of my reflux, food particles come up and maybe one goes down the windpipe to the lungs and.cultures bacteria...... but now I'm again on 7 days at home, can't work as efficiently, worried about this being my whole life. Every few weeks my reflux is gonna cause pneumonia???? My Dr's aren't working.together on this, I have a wife, young child, and household to support and I can't do my job well. And pneumonia can be very serious. Don't know HOW to deal with this mentally.. I'm depressed and defeated.#ChronicIllness #Pneumonia

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    Wearing a mask makes it impossible for me to breathe...

    Hi - hoping for some input. My doctor & I noticed in mid-August (1st in-person appointment after office had suspended in-person visits in March) that my blood oxygen level drops significantly when I wear a mask for an extended time (reproduced in her office). At this point, I wasn't wearing a mask often, and definitely not for long periods, as many things were still closed down, and I was most often at home. I have tried about 10 types of masks, and even with the one where I find it easiest to breathe, I can't keep it on for long. I've had a handful of long shopping trips (Target, a couple of long grocery shopping outings) and, by the time I reach the check-out, I am light-headed, barely able to stay upright, and walking like I am completely drunk (usually these symptoms prompt me to end the shopping trip, even if I'm not totally done). In late September, I was diagnosed with pneumonia - started treatment with a week of oral antibiotics, after being done with the antibiotics for about week, I really hadn't improved, and was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics - I was only discharged this past Wednesday and am still on oral antibiotics. Post-pneumonia, I am still regularly experiencing shortness of breath, and it definitely doesn't make wearing a mask any easier. (And did I mention that I have pretty severe asthma; before this I had started working with a new allergist to see if it can be better controlled.) Where I live, in NY, almost 100% of businesses, restaurants, etc., will not allow you in/serve you if you are not wearing a mask; not wearing a mask while walking down the street can get you nasty looks and even commentary on your "choice." My fellow people with difficulty breathing, what are you doing in a world that continues to require masks? Obviously, not breathing to the point where it's obvious that my oxygen level is too low isn't a good solution, but it's hard to prevent all situations where extended mask wear is necessary... I want to be clear - it is not the idea of wearing a mask that bothers me. I'm all for helping to protect the community and contributing to herd immunity; everyone wearing masks, myself included, is also protective for me, as I would be extremely high risk if I contract COVID-19. So, how are others striking that balance - I need to breathe and there are also times I need a mask for a long time. How should I be walking this very fine line?
    #Lifestyle #WearingAMask #difficultybreathing #ImmuneSystem #autoimmune #Asthma #Pneumonia #fineline #hardtobreathe


    I'm #alone, I've got #Pneumonia and I'm upset.

    So I have pneumonia for sure. They tested me for #COVID19 but it was negative at the time. However, as quickly as I started feeling better, I started feeling worse again, waking up at night gasping, pain breathing and shortness of breath, spasms in chest, I don't have a thermometer but I'm almost positive I have a fever. I have cold sweats, freezing but sweaty hand, etc. I developed a dry cough where nothing comes up - after sneezing up a hunk of gooey blood the other day. My primary dr thinks its possible it was a false negative and also ordered a CAT scan of my chest. I dont know what to think. I'm scared. and while I'm still recovering from my back surgery, now I have pneumonia, possibly covid, and I'm alone all day now that my boyfriend has gone back to work - which since doing, hes also been much harder on me. When I texted him about what the doctor said and asked him to call me after work, he instead called me while at the auto shop (which is loud) and became very short with me and said "well idk, call and ambulance if that's what you want, what do you want me to do?". I'm terrified of the hospital, I do not like having to go, certainly dont like going completely alone, during a pandemic. Last night was awful as was this morning. I just feel so alone. and I literally cant ask anyone else for help, I'd be asking them to risk their safety. I'm so overwhelmed. I'm so depleted. and I feel so abandoned.