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Hello darkness my old friend, I stood up to fast again (oops)

Sorry there was no meme yesterday, it was kind of a rough day. I’m counting down the days until my newest specialist doctors appointment, and as I said in another post, the anxiety is high with this one. Anyway, this meme made me laugh, so I hope it does for you too.
#IIH #iihmemes #iihwarrior #RareDisease #doctorsappointment #Meme #funny #DistractMe


First Neurophthalmologist appointment next week... any advice?

So I have my first appointment with a neuropthemolegist (still can’t spell sorry) next Thursday and I’m not sure what to expect. I’m quite nervous and would love to hear about other’s experiences to quell some of my anxiety. The one thing I have heard about this particular doctor is that she is very thorough and the appointment will probably take like 3 hours so... any advice is greatly appreciated!
#IIH #iihwarrior #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension #BenignIntracranialHypertension #PseudotumorCerebri #IntercranialHypertension #doctorsappointment #Advice #AdviceWelcome

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The top priority for my health right now is...

What do you need to do to better manage your health condition or disability right now? Select from the list below:

🗓️ Schedule or go to an appointment
💊 Take medication every day
👨‍⚕️ Find a new doctor/therapist
💫 Practice self-care or coping skills
📚 Do some research
🤝 Connect with others who “get it”
🏔️ Get through an upcoming procedure
💭 Other (tell us in the comments!)

P.S. Managing your health can be overwhelming at times, especially when there’s already a lot on your plate. We’re so proud of you for doing the best you can, and we’d love for you to pass those words along to other Mighties who may be anxious or stressed right now!

#MightyMinute #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #EmojiCheckIn #ThesdayThoughts #MyCondition #Autism #Parenting #RareDisease #Disability #ChronicPain #Anxiety #Depression #Selfcare #doctorsappointment #Surgery


Upcoming doctors appointment to assess for Bipolar disorder2

I am so scared and nervous. I was diagnosed last year with severe MDD and severe anxiety. I literally had to leave work and everything crumbled around me. Over the last 6 months I have noticed that I have severe changes in moods, behaviour, how I treat others and I am so tired that I sleep alot or I cannot rest. Last doctors appointment (psychiatrist) a month ago, she told me to read up on bipolar disorder 2 and she did say that alot of my symptoms are very similar. She wants to talk to my family members to gain their perspective and then proceed. They have been my lifeline and there for everything since I got ill and I had to go on treatment . I have my appointment tomorrow for this and I am terrified. I need some advice please or a kind word. I feel impending doom which I know isn't rational given what I have researched about bpd 2 and I am torturing my family when I am irritable and angry all the time #scared #doctorsappointment