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Having a very difficult time this holiday season getting through difficult #fibroflares as well as a horrible unknown dibbilitating unexplained pain in my right side. It's hard to eat and drink and breath let alone function normally and be the #perfectperson this holiday the perfect girlfriend, aunt, niece, daughter, sister, and make it through the holiday. I've already #blackedout once from pure #Pain and #ChronicFatigue and my boyfriend found me on the floor. I'm trying to push myself and be normal when it's not but I don't want to be judged. Or let anyone down or disappoint or upset anyone because I know I will seeing as his mother and my mother are very difficult to please. I'm just so wholeheartedly exhausted and I want to cry but I'm trying to hard to keep A smile on my face for everyone else's holiday #smilingontheoutsidecryingontheinside


Is there a Loved One of the Month award?

I am new to this app, so I don't know if there is a Loved One of the Month award, and I definitely don't know what the official nomination process is. That being said... I would like to nominate my wife for the award that I hope exists, if only by heart, in this forum.

My wife knows how to get amazing deals on clothes, and years ago, she gave me a Free City cashmere hoodie and sweat pants. Tonight is an especially painful night. I put on my sweats and my fantastically ridiculous hoodie. These are the times that I get the closest to feeling "comfortable" again. #lovedoneofthemonth #fibroflares #FeelingLoved


That feeling when...

That feeling when the fibro pain is bad on a cold night, so you put on black thermals and a loose sweater... only to walk in front of a mirror and realize you look like Olivia Newton John in the "Get Physical" video... after she finished eating Jennifer Beals #fibroflares #atleastitwasfunny #itsthesmallthings

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Wherever you go, there you are. #Fibromyalgia #Childhoodtrauma #CPTSD

I live in paradise. This pic was my sunrise view this morning. Its breathtaking, and a dream for most people.
Back in the US the people I know think my life is perfect because of scenes like this. And what they dont know, is how I still wake up with violent flashbacks, migraines from the smell of laundry detergent, full body pain from existing, and the stress of being, pretty much, flat broke.
I'm lucky it's super cheap to live here. I'm lucky to have friends who own bungalows that let us stay for exchange ... gardening and animal care.
People dont realize that "paradise" really only exists in photographs and travel brochures. Everyone here is broke. Many have lost everything from businesses to homes. Everyone I know is struggling with mental health, and basic existence.
I began traveling in my teens as a means of escape from my traumatic life. It's taken 20+ years to learn that I can never escape. The flash backs might never end.
What I can do tho.. is find the bits of beauty around me, take a deep breath, and just feel the pain of my past dissolve into tears. I held it all for so long, feigning strength. Now I know that letting it be what it is, allowing myself to feel, without judgement, and without it consuming me, is where my true strength lies.

Sending you all Mighty waves of peace and support from the Andaman Sea.

#ChronicPain #fibroflares #ArtTherapy #Anxiety #Healing


Balancing CPTSD and fibromyalgia.

So I've been trying to pull myself out the depression, that comes after a majorly triggering and retraumatising 6months. I've been doing this via 'Positive Proactivity' setting up an activity a day that I can get out of bed and aim for..
I had to flee my local area, so now I'm trying to get to know people and build a support network in a different county, it's challenging in covid-times.
it's meant jumping head first into as many support groups, causes, art projects and charities I can engage with..
I'm really proud of myself for making such leaps from not being able to get out of bed (2weeks ago) to volunteering, reaching out for personal support at the same time as making a new social group.
The only issue is pushing myself so hard has caused my fibromyalgia to flare, I had kidney failure 3months ago and I need to remember I'm still recovering from that to!
I struggle to find the balance between body and mind.
I did change my plans an not go badger watching tonight, I'm learning to let people know and stop before I push myself into a full on flare up and a month of being bedridden.. thats progress for me!
I should be proud of myself ive achieved so much in the last 10days!
Yet I find im still kicking myself a bit that I pushed myself into a flare up.. I always take it like a failure when I have a flare up, it's like apart of me still subconsciously sees my fibro as a 'weakness' or a personal failure. I'm learning that is not true, it's just a question of balance!

#BipolarDepression #CPTSD #childhoodptsd #Fibromyaliga #fibroflares #ChronicPainSyndrome #KidneyDisease #Survivor #balance #Positivity



I wonder why my fibro flares before a thunderstorm 🤔#fibroflares

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Ugh #Fibromyalgia #Fibro #fibroflares

With all the changes and weird hours we have been keeping, it was bound to happen: a flare has me in its sharp claws today. Trying to work from home which I am grateful for but damn! I am taking my beds and trying not to overdo it. Guess I just have to roll with it until it passes.


Fibro Flares

Hey everyone hope you're all doing well this evening & aren't suffering too much from your illness/condition.
I suffer from Fibromyalgia, RA, IBS, chronic insomnia, a hiatus hernia and lots of others such as migraines. I was just wondering how you all get through your #fibroflares and what kind of meds you take, topical items you use and things you do to keep yourself entertained whilst you're bed or sofa bound with your Flares. Thank you all xx



Each Day is a new day...But the day with fibro flare will be like ... Today im actually in journey back to my home quitting for sometime as a surgeon....not knowing when to go for namesake...unable to treat myself......Just closing my eyes sleeeping in moving train.....A sharp stabbing pain in the back to feeel little jerk in movement of train hurting my back....Pain in elbow and foot ....Still smile on my face Just to indicate im alive.... #fibroflares


Is it normal to have constant flare ups? How often do you have fibro flare ups? Could this possibly be something else? #fibroflares #Fibromyalgia #chr

I know this is not s substitute for medical expertise and I am under a physician's care. However, I need suggestions.

They said I tested negative for rheumatoid factor, yet I am in constant pain. Burning, stabbing, aching pain. It doesn't come and go like most fibro patients I read about. Is this normal to have chronic, consistent flare ups? I have lost almost 50 lbs, changed my diet, eliminated processed sugar and bad carbs, gluten, etc., and am still suffering. I am feeling very frustrated and at a loss. I have no life. I am 38 years old and newly diagnosed.