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The Reality of Chronic Illness and Recovery

I spent years with #hyperinsulemia #Hypoglycemia due to #Complications from #gastricbypass surgery. In April, I have #reversalsurgery to fix the #lowbloodsugar that was #rulingmylife and made me lose my #qualityoflife
I have gained a lot of #weight since the reversal and the body shame is real. The worst part is that people look at you so differently once you have #gainedweight ... less friendly. Like you are less of a person. I know I need to get on top of this, but for the first time in years I'm not sick. I just wish people viewed me through a different lense.


Dr says I’m on a slippery slope to becoming an alcoholic #Alcohol #AlcoholDependence #gastricbypass #AlcoholAbuse #Alcoholism

I can go without drinking, but when I do drink I can get to the point where I will not stop. I can’t get drunk enough. Ive has gastric bypass surgery and hear this is a common issue since the alcohol goes right to the small intestine. One drink and I’m drunk. But I’m not a happier person when drinking, I do like feeling drunk and leaving stressful situations behind. Should I quit drinking altogether? The thought scares me. I asked my husband and he doesn’t want me to quit drinking.

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I can go without drinking but when I start, if I have more than 2 drinks my drink-o-meter doesn’t want to stop. #AlcoholDependence #AlcoholAbuse #Alcohol #gastricbypass #gastric

My dr says I’m an alcohol abuser and on a slippery slope to becoming an alcoholic if not careful. Should I give up drinking all together? That scares me. I had gastric bypass surgery and I hear this is common.

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My journey #WeightLoss #gastricbypass #Bestdecision

I can not believe that 3 years ago I was on my weight loss journey. For those who want to state negative opinions, please stop and think. I’ve always struggled with my weight. Between hormones treatments, mental medication, and life. Yes I eat shit like most people do. I was a heavy drinker, was suicidal, medication was not working or stabilising. I had left no stone unturned. Researched and read consistently on other ways to get well. The surgery idea had been brought up by me several times but pushed aside as I was not not big. So I jumped the the hoops I was asked by drs and medical professionals. So with a back injury, migraines with neck and upper back issues, family history of heart disease, blood pressure to name a few. I made the best decision for ME! I’ve still got 15 kg to loose for Doctors, but I am happy. I’m In a size I
Happy with so everything is a bonus! My mental health has blossomed, I’m a different person these days! If your considering it, seriously look into it! #Noregrets


You had to “mighty” didn’t you! Aggh self love is the WORST!

mmm I’m really the worst when it comes to this! Self love FUCK! How do you love yourself when you hate every inch of you! (Getting better than I was a few years ago tho!). Ok here goes! I try self love by: showering, eating healthy, rest, medication, compliant with doctors, hospital, TMS, massage, weight loss surgery, anti toxic people, no alcohol, dress nice, makeup every day. Love my dog, call fuck it days when needed, seek help, seek research, read, friends, take self out, walk with dog in the beach, meet new people, have sex, art and craft, read, actually enjoy sex and the moment stop the mind wandering! Hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer, new handbags and shoes.
#52SmallThings #Hysterectomy #Selflove #OvarianCancer #Sleep #weight loss surgery #gastricbypass #Roux -en-ygastricbypass #Art #craft


Tired and alone #gastricbypass #Bulimia #BingeEatingDisorder #depressed

Wish my husband cared more to try to help me get help instead of knowing I get sick several times a day. The other day at lunch I went to the restroom and my best friend got up to go check on me and her and hubby got into it bcs he said to her “so what if she is getting sick. What are you gonna do about it. Can not stop her. “
I just wish he cared more.